Thursday, October 2, 2014

Double blessful celebration: Wendy's Wedding + Terence's Bdae

I received a message alert from JY and she told me she is planning a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend, Terence 2 months before his actual day in September. My task was to compile the guest list, so I went on inviting and confirming our kakis for their attendance to his birthday party.

Trio of us (Sweetie, Chewy and I) went to Bugis Junction after our event to get a pressie for our birthday boy, Terence.
His surprise party was held at Aranda Country Club and we celebrated his birthday on Saturday though his actual day was on Sunday. In the afternoon, we met up with JY at Tampines Mall to help her to get some balloons for the party. Later on, we took a cab back to the chalet and started doing some simple decorations as well as packing ‘thank you’ gift packs for all the guests who were coming down for his birthday celebration!


I love the panda balloon very much. I can walk with it, and the helium in the balloon made it float and looked as if it was strolling with you as well.  

A cute shot with Sweetie and the cutie panda...

JY ordered some cute cupcakes from heycupcakes, and we simply love them so much!
Cookie Monster 
My favorite, Elmo

Happy 22nd Birthday, Terence!

Baby came and joined us later at night at the chalet too. Thanks for making time to join in the celebration.

 Last but not least, thanks for the wonderful invitation and though I was not feeling well that day, but I still enjoyed myself at the chalet! 
I got to know Wendy way back in 2008 when we attended the Majolica Majorca Party at Night & Day which is located at Selegie Road.

Our friendship is still going steady and gets stronger each year. I am glad to have her as a bosom friend, and here we are, friends for almost 6 years.
She has finally tied a knot with her long time beau, and they invited me together with my partner to her Wedding Dinner Ceremony which was held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Both Baby and I settled down ourselves at the pre-assigned table after the cocktail session. During the cocktail session, there were some canapés served and Baby and I had a few bites and we drank a couple rounds of Passionfruit and Lychee Margarita.  
The theme of the wedding gave a strong sense of Korean feeling to the invitees, as the main reason I guess is that the bride loves watching Korean dramas and enjoys listening to dramas' soundtracks.

Throughout the whole dinner, and all the background songs were all in Korean. The wedding couple chose KPOP for their wedding march.

My clincher of the night: Braised Australian Abalone, Sea Cucumber and Endive 

Last dish before dessert, Braised Kurobuta Pork Belly, Premium Fried Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf with Summer Mushroom, and this was so yummy!
 We had a delightful dinner at the wedding ceremony, and we took the group photo with the newlywed couple.

Congrats to Wendy and RJ.

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