Friday, October 24, 2014

[#RunToLiveGreat Fringe Activity] Sh'Bam Rockout at True Fitness Suntec City

I attended my last GEWR fringe activity which was the Sh'Bam Rockout at True Fitness Suntec City.

I never heard about Sh'Bam Rockout before, prior to this event. Oh well, to me, all I know that it is an aerobic workout similar to Zumba. I didn't expect myself to like this intense cardio workout in the beginning, as I expected myself to be unable to catch up with the trainer's movements. However, after a few sets, I slowly began to feel more comfortable in doing the workout together as a group with the trainer.

There are many turnings, footwork and jumping which I found hard as I was new to this aerobic dance and rhythm. The continuous jumping and dance left me feeling exhausted, and therefore I burnt a lot of calories through this workout.

After the session, I took some welfies with my GEWR buddy, Tracy and my lovable babe, Samantha.

Thanks True Fitness for the lovely goodies bag!

Our post group photo with my running peers for the Live Great Program!

This marked my last fringe activity and next up will be the race day. This upcoming run will be second time with GEWR. I will share my experience on the race day with you, so meanwhile, do read up my past experience with GEWR2013.


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