Monday, October 13, 2014

[Weekend retreat] Jibby & Co + Shopping at Sunway Pyramid

I had a short break recently, and I went to Subang, in Selangor, Malaysia for a weekend brunch! It seems cafe-hopping is also pretty popular in Malaysia too. Jayne brought us to a recent opened cafe, Jibby & Co which is located outside Empire Shopping Gallery.

Upon entering the eatery place, I was amazed by its interior which boasts a 2-storey suburbian cafe with stylish sheen and setting, and I love the rustic interior as well as the tall glass ceiling.  

I had a dish named the 'Hangover', and it was a great comfort food with generous serving of cheesy fries, together with Chicken Sausages, Beef Bacon and 2 sunny-up eggs.  
Baby had Paradiso Breakie - Three eggs omelette with mozzarella, king oyster mushroom & onion served on toasted Turkish bread.

Lastly, the signature dish, Jibby Big Breakfast - Very big portion of a classic breakfast.
I had a wonderful brunch at Jibby & Co.

 Later during the day, Baby and I were at Sunway Pyramid, and we had our late lunch at Pu Tien. We ordered our favorite dish, Sweet and Sour Pork with Lychee. It tasted better than those served in Singapore. Each delectable pork meat tasted fabulous and it was a nice indulgence for us!

Hing Hwa Mee Hoon is the house signature dish, and the portion was pretty decent to share between 2 people and 3 person (permits only for small eaters), as it can really fill my stomach.

We rounded up our meals with the Steamed Prawn with Herbal Soup, and it tasted 'herbally' delicious. The damage was RM74 (SGD29), and it was comfort for our pockets. A meal like this in Singapore can easily cost us around SGD50+, but here in Malaysia, we paid half with the same amount of food we ordered.


I visited my favorite shop, Jelly Bunny in Sunway Pyramid. Jelly Bunny offers a big collection of eye-candy colored footwear, and they are made of PVC plastic just like Melissa shoes.
Jelly Bunny are water resistant and I am back for my third pair of shoes from Jelly Bunny. I picked up this pair of Jelly Bunny shoes and I really love the sweet pink as it goes well with most of my outfits. I love the comfy feeling when wearing it. The shoes are soft and they smell like jelly beans! I paid RM59 (SGD23) for this scented jelly shoes!

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