Tuesday, October 14, 2014

[THEFACESHOP] Raspberry Roots 1st Million Special Anniversary

A group of us (Sweetie, Jasmine, Claressa, Fif and yours truly) met up at Raffles Place Station as we attended THEFACESHOP's Raspberry Roots 1st Million Special Anniversary which was held at ALTIMATE, 1-Altitude.

The agenda of this party was to celebrate the milestone of the 1st million Piece of the award winning Raspberry Roots range.

THEFACESHOP's Raspberry Roots range is infused with pure Wild Himalayan Raspberry Roots extracts to strengthen and repair the elastin fibers found deep within. This range is the all-time favorite among the users. as it lifts and re-contours skin lacking in resilience while counteracting the oxidative damage of free radicals. I love their Collagen Eye Patch very much! 
THEFACESHOP's Raspberry Roots range restores ideal balance moisture for a soft and supple texture while boosting cellular renewal for a healthy looking glow. Raspberry fruit is full of anti-oxidants and contain anti-aging properties to give our skin fullest benefits.
There are 3 products in this well-loved range.
The award-winning Raspberry Roots Sleep Mask which nourishes and hydrates skin through the night. It also helps to relax the skin while we are sleeping. Now you can sleep your way to beauty.

Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel provides instant cooling sensation and hydration for the eyes. It also helps to promote collagen and visibly improve the firmness and blood circulation around the eyes. The rich Vitamin C from Grapefruit also aids in brightening the skin tone.
Lastly, Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patch gives an intense eye lifting effect with Himalayan Raspberry Roots extracts and Marine Collagen.

The dessert refreshments that were provided at the party was all about raspberry as it was under the raspberry theme. 

I really enjoyed the Raspberry Cheesecake Rumble ice-cream by 'The Inspired Chef', which was created by Chef Pang from Antoinette.

We received a lovely door gift which consists of a full-sized Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask, and special trial set which contains a deluxe size of sleeping mask, eye gel and 2 collagen eye patches.
Thanks for the invite, and we enjoyed ourselves at the party!

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