Wednesday, October 22, 2014

[Food lovers alert] Pet friendly cafe + PasarBella + Woodshed + Char Restaurant

It has been more than half a year since we stepped into PasarBella, so Baby and I decided to make a trip down as we miss comforting Thai food very much.

And here you go, we settled at E-Sarn Thai Cuisine, and we ordered 3 food items from the menu. We had Thai Vegetable Pancakes with Chili Belachan, Green Pork Curry and Tom Yum Soup. We had a nice dinner and the damage was SGD42.

I ended my night at PasarBella with a pot of Earl Grey Lavender tea at Arteastiq @ PasarBella. If you love Art Jamming then this is the right place to visit!
I revisited Char Restaurant again after my last visit in August, and I simply love the food served in this eatery place. They are well-known for their roasted meats, so how can we miss out on our order of the Triple Roast Platter when we were there. And YES! We ordered the Triple Roast Platter with our choice of Charred Char Siew, Crispy Pork Belly and Succulent Soya Sauce Chicken.
The Char Siew was drenched in a delicious sweet sauce and was extremely well-grilled. The meat tasted tender and melted in my mouth. I prefer the chicken to Roasted Duck which we ordered during our first visit and the pork belly tasted good too.
We enjoyed the Minced Meat with Aubergine in Casserole, and it tasted awesomely delicious. It complement well with the white rice.

We rounded up our dinner with the Soup of the Day, and the damage was SGD40-ish.
After our dinner, we went to Woodshed for some desserts, as we always have room for dessert no matter how full we are LOL!
We satisfied our waffles cravings by ordering a sweet waffle with a scoop of ice-cream and the waffle was drenched with Chocolate and strawberry syrup. We love it very much, and it was a lovely indulgence for us!
Baby brought me to a new cafe for our Sunday Brunch. YAY! We continue our cafe-hopping again. We went to the old flat blocks at Everton Park, where there is a NEA-approved Pets' Cafe, Happy 3 Bites Cafe.

They serve All-day Breakfast and other Western entrees. What makes them different is that they are a pet-friendly cafe / hanging spot.

Baby ordered the Egg Benedict and it was tasty!

I had Bacon Aglio Olio, and I love the amount of bacon strips were added to my pasta. Thanks for the lovely generosity! Apart being too oily, it tasted pretty delicious as a whole!
The damage was SGD34 which included 2 main course and 2 cups of English tea.

Thanks Meryl for the lovely Foot Mask, and I love it ya!
Last but not least, thanks for the ‘AWESOME’ medal from My Awesome Café. It looks so cool just like the General /Marshall awarded medal.

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