Thursday, October 16, 2014

A night with Intel Singapore at PasarBella

I attended the Intel Singapore event at the PasarBella, Grandstand.
Thanks Intel Singapore for the invite and the lovely goodies bag! I love the rustic look of the bag as it gives a 'going for grocery shopping' feeling.
Nowadays, performance and fast speed is the key feature when purchasing any device, as browsing the web, watching videos, playing games and even getting connected with people or friends are part of our daily lifestyle.

We were introduced to Intel's core processors which are based on a 64-bit architecture instead of the 32-bit. With this support, they can compute more data as compared to a 32-bit processor. The 64-bit setting gives better performance, so therefore in short, it gives the device more power than 32-bit.

So what is a core?
A core is the part of a processor that process instructions for the computer.

After the presentation, we were invited to participate in a food hunt around PasarBella. We passed by various food stalls around the area to find the correct food as per given clues which was on the bulletin board.

 Before completing each mission from one stall, we had to answer a simple question about Intel Processors.

This pomegranate cake was part of the game hunt, and we managed to find it!

 Though we were not the first 3 groups who complete the food hunt, but nevertheless, we were contented with our effort that we put in to complete the food hunt, as we can dig in to dinner together.

 This was not my first time to PasarBella, but this time I had was the most wonderful experience I ever had as I was given a chance to try out different types of food in a go!

Our group received SGD20 PasarBella cash voucher each for participating in the food hunt. Thank you so much, PasarBella!

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