Saturday, October 18, 2014

Preview screening of HAEMOO

I had the pleasure to watch the preview screening of HAEMOO all thanks to Clover Films and the premiere date was on the 16th October 2014.
HAEMOO is a noir thriller. Desperate Captain Cheol-joo (played by Kim Yoon-seok) accepted a deal which involves illegal human trafficking in order to save his boat, and sustain his life with a good income when the bad economy hit Korea in 1998. After accepting the deal, Captain was given some money as down payment, but soon unexpected bad incidents happen...

This movie shows the cynical vision of human nature, and how they struggle under harsh living conditions and unconsciously push towards selfish behavior. In short, it shows humanity's dark side. There are many sex and violence/gore scenes and therefore it is not for the faint-hearted.

Park Yu Chun plays the youngest crew member as Dong-sik and this is his first major role in a movie. He put on weight for this movie as he sacrificed his idol image, and I am impressed by his action. In the movie, Park Yu Chun's role is the only character that represents human ethics and morality, as the others are either lustful or greedy.

I love the story plot as there are many twists in the movie, and it draws me deeper into the storyline.  I am amazed by the cinematography and the whole story is flowing perfectly well, but the let down is the ending which leaves us with a big question mark.

The film was nominated as the Best Foreign language Film category of the 87th Academy Award 2015. A MUST-SEE movie of the year! All the cast put up a top notch performance in the movie, HAEMOO.

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