Tuesday, October 28, 2014

[Food Tasting] Media Party of Ricciotti 10th Anniversary

Ricciotti Riverwalk hosted its grand re-opening to unveil a whole new concept, design and menu. It was established in 2004 as an authentic Italian restaurant. The theme of the new re-opening is Benvenuti Casa which means 'Welcome Home'.
A new experiential dining where music, art and food come together at Ricciotti. This is definitely a great welcome for patrons to have a new cultural dimension for Italian dining.  

Ricciotti has stayed true to its identity by putting quality, hard work and pride to deliver an authentic yet affordable Italian Culinary experience in Singapore.
Gero Dimaria is the Executive Chef of Ricciotti Riverwalk, he was born in the United Kingdom, but he brought up with traditional Italian  values in an Italian home with a love of food. He shares the same passion for good food as does his family, with an avid interest in cooking.
For their 10th Anniversary, the outlet at Riverwalk is now known as Ricciotti (formerly known as Ricciotti Pizza Pasta Grill). I attended the Media Party of Ricciotti 10th Anniversary as well as the food tasting which was held at Ricciotti, the Riverwalk outlet. 

 In 2014, Ricciotti marks the celebration of a decade with a modern new concept that embraces all things Italian, combining food with the arts, music and culture.

Ricciotti has collaborations with Italian artists from different backgrounds to make the restaurant’s dining concept more holistic and added to the ambience with more Italian culture. We also had the chance to witness the unveiling of an Italian artist work, as she did some touch up on an art piece that she was working during the event.


CARPACCIO DI POLPO (sliced octopus lemon fennel)

ASPARAGI ALLA GRIGLIA (grilled asparagus parma ham)

POLENTA HERB FRIES - A great twist on traditional French fries, accompany with Truffle Mushroom Sauce. It was a great starter, and I enjoyed the herb fries very much.

PANZEROTTI is a pizza dough stuffs with chef's creation and NIZZARDA SALAD




PORCINI E SCAMORZA PIZZA (porcini mushroom cow's milk cheese)
AL TARTUFO PIZZA aka Truffle Pizza is a lovely pairing of black truffle and quail egg. What a true indulgence!

GNOCCHI AL GORGONZOLA (spinach gnocchi and gorgonzola cheese) and RISOTTO AI FRUTTI DI MARE - soft rice with fresh seafood that is cooked to perfection.

LINGUINE AL GRANCHIO - I love this crab meat pasta very much! It is really tasty, I am not a fan of creamy pasta in general, but I find myself loving it after taking the first bite. 

We rounded up our food tasting with the finest Italian desserts platter...

TIRAMISU, CARROT CAKE and CANELLA SWEET PASTA is the Chef's secret recipe that will leave you asking for more!

I am pretty captivated by the dessert pizza, as it takes me to another level of dessert eating. It has a crispy crust that is topped with raisins, cinnamon and icy sugar. Although they use simple ingredients, yet it gave me a big fantastic feeling of crunchiness when taking a bite!

SOFFIATTO - One can never go wrong with Dark Chocolate Molten Cake with Gelato. A perfect pairing for dessert!

 A sinful decedent dessert to end our satisfying food tasting, and I had a yummilicous food tasting and I love the intimate atmosphere and warm environment. Last but not least, thanks so much for having us at the party!

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