Friday, October 31, 2014

[Japan trip] Odaiba, Palette Town: Venus Fort + Toyota Mega Web + DiverCity Plaza

My October Tokyo trip continued in Odaiba, which although I had previously visited in April during my last trip, I did not have the chance to complete a tour of the whole island, so I am back again! It is a popular tourist destination and the island is big enough to spend the entire day.

This time round, we didn't spend the whole day again as typhoons hit Tokyo during our second day in Japan. All trains and buses services ceased temporarily or were delayed, and everything went back to normal only in the afternoon. We took the train to Odaiba, and we headed straight to Palette Town.


We went to Venus Fort, and it is said to be the first outlet mall in Tokyo. I love the interior of the mall as it resembles an 18th century European town.

I picked up a Tax-Free Sling Pouch from Burberry Blue Label and it cost me 23000Yen (SGD280).

I personally love the design very much, and Burberry Blue Label is only available in Japan, so yups! I am the new owner of this bag!

Baby bought 3 pairs of jeans from Levis Outlet Store at only 6000Yen + 8%tax (SGD76). What a steal!

After shopping at Venus Fort, we went to Toyota Mega Web, it is a basically a museum which was showcasing vintage as well as the latest models of Toyota cars. I was amazed by the big collection!

We went to the Mega Theater for a stimulator ride, and the admission is free of charge.

We walked around the game arcade and saw some mini attractions such as Ninja Town and Hell House.

As it was Autumn, the sky turned dark pretty early in Japan, it got dark around 5pm which is only 4pm in Singapore. We made our way to DiverCity Plaza for the light show by the enormous full-scale Gundam replica.

The Gundam replica was magnificent, and when the Gundam was lit up, the background was playing the cartoon theme song of Gundam.

After the light show, we went to the mall for our dinner. We went to the gourmet corner which we normally call a food court in Singapore, and had Udon for our dinner!
 We shared a tray of 6 taco balls of Gindaco which cost 520yen (SGD6.10). We had a comfortable and delightful meal.

After our dinner, we left Odaiba and headed back to Shinjuku for supper. We had the new black burger from Burger King Japan. It is a sandwich with black bun, black sauce and black cheese.

The buns and cheese were smoked with bamboo charcoal and the sauce is made of squid ink and lastly the patties contain black pepper.

To us, it was quite a letdown as it tasted normal, nothing special to really to shout about. I suppose the unique thing was that it was entirely black!
I love this trip with you and more importantly, I love you, Baby!


Blogger said...

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Yu 雪俪 Shirley said...

I love your Japan trip 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 bring me goooooooo

Yu 雪俪 Shirley said...

I love your Japan trip 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 bring me goooooooo