A day out with Hay Boy at PlayLAH! Carnival

August is a month for celebration, as it is our nation's birthday, and it also welcomed the launch of the World's current favorite mobile game app, Pokémon GO! Also, this month featured a heart-warming and proud moment for all Singaporeans, when we shocked the entire world to clinch our VERY FIRST GOLD MEDAL in the Olympics Games! We have finally seen our Singapore flag being raised up during the RIO2016 Olympics, and it was a sense of pride to air our National Anthem to the world, who was obviously unfamiliar with it! Thanks to National Hero, Joseph Issac Schooling for making us proud!  

Baby and I brought my cute nephew to an educational carnival, 'PlayLAH!', which was held at Singapore Expo to celebrate Singapore's 51st Birthday. Jasmine and Meryl joined in the fun with us too!

We took many random photos together.

Hay Boy enjoyed himself at the PLAY ZONE very much. He tried the Western Train and F1 Racing.


We also went over to check out the 'LEARN ZONE' as well.

Another point of interest was when we created some drawing via 'Scratch Craft', at the 'BOND ZONE'!Drawings were created by scratching lines with a wooden stick, which was given upon purchasing the black tempera paint paper.

After sending Hay Boy home, we continued our dinner date at Eastpoint, Simei. 

Ever since, Pokémon GO craze started, Coco has been on cloud nine, as we bring her out almost every weekend to various parks in Singapore for a walk, while we are Pokémon Hunting! This includes having a sparred match at the Poké GYM to earn experience points, and of course, to catch rare Pokémon as well!


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