Good morning begins with MAGNOLIA Plus Oats Lo-Fat Hi-Cal Milk

To kick start my daily morning, I now try to have a glass of MAGNOLIA Plus Oats Lo-Fat Hi-Cal Milk. It provides me with a well–balanced lifestyle, and fulfils all my calcium needs! 
Tucking into a good breakfast every day has been shown to lower the risk of stroke and a good breakfast can also assist in weight management.

The new reformulated MAGNOLIA Plus Oats Lo-Fat Hi-Cal Milk is now more nutritious and wholesome as compared to before, especially with the additional doses of 'Beta Glucan'! 'Beta Glucan' are a form of soluble fibres which helps to boost the immune system, and lowers down the risk of diabetes.

Oats have long been a staple food for breakfast fix, as it is rich in dietary fibres, minerals and vitamins. Regular intake of oats has shown to improve blood cholesterol levels, and oats are also an excellent source of 'Beta Glucan'.

MAGNOLIA Plus Oats Lo-Fat Hi-Cal Milk contains 74% less fat and 67% Calcium, which offers everyone in the family the wholesome goodness to kick-start their day! It has been awarded the Healthier Choice Symbol by the Health Promotion Board and has been certified Halal.

From 1 August, consumers can redeem a limited edition breakfast mug with every purchase of two 1-litre packs or 2-litre bottle of any MAGNOLIA Pasteurised Milk. There are 4 colorful designs which are available for redemption, only while stocks last. Each design features a quote to inspire you to begin your day wonderfully with MAGNOLIA. 
 The MAGNOLIA Plus Oats Lo-Fat Hi-Cal Milk is now available at the affordable and recommended selling price (RSP) of SGD3.50 for a 1-litre pack from leading supermarkets and hypermarkets.



I love this oatmilk! It increased my breastmilk supply plus it's yummy! Best with lots of ice
I love it too! Simplest way to fill my stomach before heading to work.
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