[The 1872 Clipper Tea X My Floral Loft] Hand-tied Bouquet Workshop

I went for my first Hand-tied Bouquet Workshop which was organised by The 1872 Clipper Tea and their collaboration partner, My Floral Loft to bring us a wonderful flower arrangement session at Yellow Cup Café.


While waiting for the workshop to commence, we had some refreshments prepared by The 1872 Clipper Tea.

Recently, The 1872 Clipper Tea launched the Singapore Orchid Collection, which features 3 different types of Ceylon black tea infused with a touch of petals from our country's national flower, the Orchid!

Orchid Blossom is a sweet combination of cranberry with subtle hints of cream. Halia Blossom adds ginger into the floral mix, and lastly Dragon Eye Bouquet is a Green and Black tea blended with tropical fruits!

The special tea set of 3 - Singapore Orchid Collection is currently retailing at SGD38.

Rachel, the proud owner of 'My Floral Loft' was there to share with us some of her tips on flower arrangement. She also conducted a workshop with us too! She taught us on some basic tips in selecting the flowers, trimming of the stems and lastly, the arrangement of the flowers

Below were my picks for my hand-tied bouquet!

The final step is the hardest among all, as in how to wrap the flowers with the craft papers.

This photo was taken by my Baby outside the cafe with my first hand-tied bouquet. Thanks for waiting patiently while I was at the workshop. How do you find my bouquet?

Thanks buddy, Jasmine for extending her invite to me!
After attending the workshop, I discovered that I am interested in learning more about flower arrangement. My mom was surprised to see my photos which I also shared across my social media platforms in order to showcase my experience on this fun hobby!

Thanks for having me at the workshop as I really enjoyed my weekend afternoon day out with The 1872 Clipper Tea and My Floral Loft.

We brought home a set of the Singapore Orchid Collection and 2 packs of loose tea bags, as well as some random postcards, all graciously given by The 1872 Clipper Tea! 


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