[food review] Taipei Seoul Café

I was invited by a friend of mine, Jacky, for a food tasting at Taipei Seoul Café, which is located at Jalan Leban. It is a very new joint which only opened in July.

Upon reaching the café, it gave me a surreal feeling. I love the 'pastel blue' décor of the place, as it has a pretty dreamy vibe to it. The décor was pretty simple. The staffs are very helpful and efficient in their services, and the friendly lady boss, Maggie, who is a Taiwanese, shared with us on her unique food creations.

We kicked off the food tasting session with Taiwanese street snacks, Sour Plum Sweet Potato (SGD3.50) and Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken (SGD6.50). These are pretty common Taiwanese food-fare items that are served in any Taiwanese eatery places, but I must say that I really loved the Sour Plum Sweet Potato that was served at the Taipei Seoul Café! I've had this dish before at other Taiwanese food joints, but this one here tasted extremely tasty!

We started off with the first drink, Monster Coffee, but there wasn't much to mention about this beverage,  except for the color changes to an odd green after stirring the concoction. It tasted just like normal iced coffee.

Are you a drama addict? I am a couch potato and I love watching Taiwanese and Korean dramas. I was pretty in awe with the drink names that the café assigned to some of the signatures blended drinks.

This galaxy drink is named under the popular Korean drama series, 来自星星的你. The glittering drink brought me back to the days when I would keep up almost religiously with every episode on the drama's airing date on TV, just to get to know the ending! It was rather silly of me, but I WAS ADDICTED to this drama!

冬季恋歌 is a lovely blue soda drink with an ice-cream float! OMG! Do you still remember Oppa Bae Yong-joon? He is my idol back then when 冬季恋歌 (Winter Sonata) was airing on the TV way back in 2002. It has been 14 years ago, and 冬季恋歌 is truly a classic!
This summer-looking drink, 绿光森林 was one of my favorite drinks during the tasting. It quenched my thirst and left a refreshing feeling with a cool after taste.

I love both the color combination of 原来是美男 and 原来是美女.

I personally prefer 原来是美女 not just because I like the pantone colors (pastel blue and pink), but the taste was lighter and better too. If you are into creamy milk shakes, then 原来是美男 might be your choice.

My other two favorite drinks were 下一站幸福 and 蔷薇之恋. They tasted as good as the drama series! If you haven't watched them, please allow some time for them as they were good dramas.

 If you are interested to try these unique drinks, do pop by the café to experience them yourself. These drinks are charged around SGD10-12 and come in a big serving. Sharing is recommended, in order to allow more choices!

We started off our mains with Honey Chicken Chop (SGD14.90). The meat was well-marinated and it was perfectly cooked. The Chef has removed the excess fats during the preparation which deserved a thumbs up from me! I enjoyed this dish on the whole, as it tasted pretty good.

The Korean Spicy Chicken Jigae (SGD13.90) is flavorful and I helped myself to several servings. It complemented well with white rice and it was a filling, comfort dish/main course, especially for Asians like me!

Golden Chicken Thigh (SGD13.90) - Our comfort choice of all time...

I enjoyed the Sirloin Steak (SGD18.90) very much and the beef meat was cooked perfectly, as it tasted tender and juicy! It comes with a choice of Mushroom Sauce or Black Pepper Sauce. I like the black pepper sauce best!

The Beef Tteokbokki Stew (SGD13.90) was kinda disappointing as Tteokbokki is my favorite Korean street snack that should be a garlicky, richly spiced dish of rice cakes, but the Chef using another cooking method to cook this snack with beef in broth. Though the soup was tasty but the idea of cooking Tteokbokki was totally off!

The Pork Ribs Potato Stew (SGD13.90) was quite popular among us as it was the first dish we had managed to finish despite having a full stomach. It was rich in flavour with a generous serving of potatoes and vermicelli. This is my personal favorite, and I savored every bit of it!

The Kimchi Jigae with Pork (SGD9.90) is generous in their servings of pork meat. Though it was not the most amazing out of the whole tasting session, it was still considered a comfort food for me, as I usually crave for something hearty and soupy!

The Ham & Cheese Pork Cutlet is pretty good option if you are a cheese lover. The pork cutlet was crispy and tender at the same time! It was a winning combination to mix the oozing cheese and the flavorful meat.

We tried Lemon Tart (SGD6.50), Pumpkin Cheesecake (SGD7) and Tiramichoux (SGD5.50).

The Tiramichoux attracted my attention as I always love good Choux puffs. It looked crispy on the exterior, but the pastry was a tad dry. The coffee cream tasted like a chocolate flavored ice-cream.

The Mixed Berries Yogurt Pie (SGD6) was another gem, and I believe it will be very popular among the ladies/girls. I love the Matcha Tart (SGD7) very much although it looked plain on the outside but the taste was awesomely good. The crust was light, and the green tea flavour was rich too.

The Macaroon Gelato Sandwich (SGD8.90) looked and tasted delicious.

The Waffle with Gelato (SGD10.90) looked so appealing.

No one could ever resist the warm and rich Chocolate Lava Cake (SGD6) that melted in the mouth.

Most of the main courses were offered at an affordable price and they tasted delicious, but most importantly, they were generous in their serving portions. Oh well, for those who always do Café-hopping, this might ring on the high side for the desserts in terms of price, but the ambience and service rendered make up for it! Taipei Seoul Café is really a good place for a group gathering, or even for just a simple chill out session.

Taipei Seoul Café is offering 15% with no minimal spending, simply quote 'Jessie Quek' or flash this blog post upon payment at the cashier. Promotion is valid till 23rd September 2016.

Lastly, do 'LIKE' the Facebook and 'FOLLOW' the Instagram of Taipei Seoul Café to be entitled to a free dessert of the day.

Instagram - @taipei.seoul_cafe

Sound good? Interested to add this café in your café-hopping list, visit Taipei Seoul Café at 10 Jalan Leban Singapore 577551

Direction to get there:-
From Ang Mo Kio HUB bus interchange take bus 169 and stop at the 7th stop.
The shop is located behind SPC petrol station.


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