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On a random weekend, Baby and I re-visited Joe's Kitchen for dinner. We love the food selection very much, as the chef has his roots from the Land of Smiles, Thailand.

We ordered our all-time favorite Crispy Prawn Cake and they tasted awesomely delicious!

We had Seafood Tom Yam Soup, and this is our MUST-ORDER classic entrée!

We also ordered Basil Pork and Sambal Kang Kong too. The damage was SGD37-ish. I always enjoy the Thai food at Joe's Kitchen, which is comfort food for me!

Thanks Nature's Glory for the Ramen Packs, which I received during the workshop. Each packet is retailing at SGD3.50, and it comes with a small sachet of its own soup stock.
I decided to make use of these ramen packs to prepare lunch for my family, as these Organic Ramen are way healthier than common instant noodles. I added in some of my favorite ingredients such as crabmeat sticks, mushroom balls and baby corns. Lastly, I placed hard-boiled eggs as a toppings for the noodle bowl.

I personally prefer the Brown Rice Ramen but my Mommy's favorite was the Tom Yam Ramen instead. If you are interested to prepare your own noodle bowl, you can visit the Nature's Glory Retail Store at Tan Boon Liat Building.

I met up with my favorite gals, Samantha and Meryl, for dinner at Saveur which is located at The Cathay!
We had so much fun taking photos with the latest mobile app - 'BOOMERANG'. Do click the links below to view our funny actions that were captured.

We shared the Signature Saveur's Pasta. We loved with the Angel Hair Pasta which was tossed with Chilli Oil and Minced Pork Sauce, and topped with Sakura Ebi!

The Seafood Bisque tasted fabulous too!

Samantha and I had the Duck Confit and we both enjoyed it very much. It tasted delectably delicious. A must-try indeed!

This was Meryl's main course, Crispy Pork Belly with Poached Egg and vegetables.

We ended our dinner gathering with a serving of Salted Caramel Lava Cake with Ice-Cream for dessert. The total damage was SGD85! We had an enjoyable dinner night-out, and it was nice a catching-up session too. Thanks gals for making your time for this gathering. Muaks n Hugss!

Recently, I purchased 2 tops online from The Stage Walk via online. They looked cute and had very pretty details. I paid SGD35.50 , and this included normal postage as well. My clothes were delivered to me within the stipulated 5 days from the date I purchased/ordering! I was very happy with my hauls, as they fit me well and so nicely!

I end my post with my 'POKEMON GO' search with my lovable Coco at the Sentosa Broadwalk! OMG! I am addicted to this game, and what makes me even happier is that my Baby accompanies me on the Pokémon Hunting!


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