[treatment review] Accent FACESLIM at ClearSK Medi- Aesthetics

I always envy ladies who have a defined jaw-line and a V-shape face, as these attributes and enhance facial features makes one look younger. For me, I have baby fats and a wide jaw-line. In short, this gives me a round chubby face.
 I was glad to be given a chance to try out ClearSK Medi- Aesthetics' Signature V Face Shaper Treatment, Accent FACESLIM. It is a non-invasion treatment that directs Ultrasound Waves to reach deep into muscle layer (as deep as 4.5mm) to strengthen and stimulate collagen. It may sound scary, but do not worry, as the treatment is safe and has no downtime. The therapist told me that I can achieve significant results in just one session, and the effects can last up to 3 weeks

The first step was to cleanse my face, and once it was fully cleansed, a thick layer of cooling gel was applied to enable the ultrasound waves to penetrate evenly into my skin. The device used was safe and it worked its way gently around my face, chin, cheeks and areas around my eyes. It was pretty comfortable on the whole, except for some sensitive areas such as the eyes and cheeks, whereby I experienced a slight ache and biting sensation which was bearable. If you do experience what I feel, do inform the therapist to adjust/lower pressure from the device to suit your comfort zone.

The last part of the session was to apply a mask on my face for about 10-15 minutes, which was then followed by an  application of lotion, moisturiser and sun screen before the session was wrapped up! 

I did notice a subtle, slight V-like uplifted effect of my jaw-line. My cheekbones looked more defined and my skin was more rejuvenated. In short, I looked refreshed! Thanks for the pampering treat! I am so happy to see the positive and instant results that this treatment delivered. A single session takes 30-45mins, and everyone can achieve a celebrity like V-Shaped face.
For more information, please visit www.clearsk.com


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