Sunday, June 5, 2011


I have been addicted to the new latest Korean Drama - Baby-Faced Beauty (童颜美女)... I love comedy & romance drama, I watched it thru youtube using my iphone... Unfortunately, this drama is new and the uploading of each new episode occurs weekly...The suspense is killing me!~~


This drama is really awesome! I am waiting for episode 11 and I am getting impatient each time I finished watching the uploaded episode, as the storyline is getting more and more interesting, so annoying!! (好討厭!)

Brief synopsis

Jang Na Ra plays a 34 year old woman but looks like a woman who's still in her 20s. She gets fired from her job and has to lie about her age in order to get hired for another job. Daniel Choi plays a man who's rich and only dates girls younger than him, but finding himself falling for Jang Na Ra after meeting her without knowing she is 6 years older than him...

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