Monday, June 20, 2011

Tsubaki Perfect, the essential beauty drink

I received a month's supply of Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink back in mid March.(3 boxes of Juice: 10 bottles in each box)
Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink is an intensive high performance age-defying drink for cell renewal and collagen production. It replenishes and stimulates natural collagen formation while repairing skin damage for youthful skin.
Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink works from within your skin layers to nourish, hydrate and firm up skin. It leaves your skin perfectly smooth and revitalized from inside out. The unique blend of skin-revitalizing ingredients targets vulnerable parts of the skin where repair and regeneration are needed the most.

Why collagen is important to us

Our skin has a delicate mulit-layered structure. Collagen and Elastin is an important structural component in skin. More than 70% of our skin is made up of Collagen, an important which helps the function of many tissue and organs. Collagen works to keep skin firm and supple.

As Collagen levels starts to decline from 20s, resulting in the visible signs of aging. External environmental factors like pollution, UR rays and stress makes the skin worse.
Nobody can stop aging because it is a natural process for humans, however we can defy the signs of aging with a proper care and nourishment. Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink is a high performance beauty drink with a complete cocktail of skin-loving ingredients to infuse your skin from within for strength, clarity and radiance.
Tsubaki Perfect Beauty drinks are all-natural... With refreshing peach flavour and free from colourings and preservatives.
Tsubaki Perfect Beauty drinks are available at Nishino Pharmacies, Selected Watsons, Guardian, all NTUC Unity Pharmacies. RSP - $56.90 for 1 box of 10 bottles.

Exclusive online promotion: $53.90 (Till 30 June 2011) For online purchase or more information about this beauty drink, pls visit Tsubaki.

After 10 days (one bottle of juice every night). My skin feels smoother and suppler. I am impressed by the results inside out. I look more radiant without much make-up on my face. Reaching my last box (10 bottles), my skin texture improves... I am totally in love with it because the beauty drink takes care of my collagen levels inside out.

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