Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Face powder has been incredibly indispensable for all the women around the world from the ancient days till the present. Egyptians which applied powder on the face using clay and chalk were not for beauty purposes but to escape from evils…

Egyptians were not the only people who use face makeup... The Romans in the first century also used chalk & rouge to beautify themselves as a symbol of wealth and status. Women who were not wealthy used ingredients such as rice and wheat flour and water for their face makeup.

Anyone heard about 'Shui Fen' or 'Bedak Sejuk'? Perhaps for the younger generation, they might be unfamiliar with this oriental skincare product.

 ‘Bedak’ - Powder, ‘Sejuk’ - Cold. This ‘Cold Powder’ literally translates as ‘Shui Fen’ – Water Powder in Chinese.

'Bedak Sejuk' is made of rice and pandan leaves... The procedure of making this product requires a lot of time and energy. The whole process takes more than 3 months to complete.

I got this sampler from a Malaysian friend 2 weeks ago who told me that she got it in Penang for only RM5.

It works like normal face powder, but it’s in pill form... All you need to do is to dissolve 4-5 pills with tap water in your palm...

After mixing with water, the pills become a semi watery paste... Just spread the powder paste evenly all over your face and let it dry on the face, the drying process takes not more than 10mins.
 It helps to control the oil sebum on the face and dries off small pimples too... For dry skin, do a small test first... This cold powder has a cooling effect and it works well on rashes. Additional 1 beauty tip for this natural powder – great to use it as a oil-control mask, be prepared though as you will be facing some messy situations.

 A super affordable beauty fix and most importantly, it is entirely natural and organic. The downside – It doesn’t smell good due to the fermented rice flour.

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