Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sarang = Love in Korean

Weekend dinner with Baby is always sweet... I went to Orchard Central to meet up Baby  after my Bloggers' event @ National Museum. We decided to stay there for dinner as well... After reading alot of reviews about Sarang, we decided to give it a shot...

Sarang, means 'Love' in Korean, this eatery place delivers an authentic gastronomical experience, playing the latest Korean pop music MTV on the big screen, it enhances an urban culture in a vibrant setting.

Greeny Korean titbits was served to us once we got seated

Baby with his V-sign (grin)... cos this meal was on me :(

Baby ordered a refreshing Makgeolli Majito for himself...

This is a native Korean alcoholic beverage. The cocktail drink is made up of Makgeolli (Korean Rice Wine), Mint & Brown Sugar...

I had the traditional Home-made Maesil Cha (Plum Tea)

Baby ordered a rice set which came with 2 side dish ('xiao cai') - Kimchi & Braised Peanuts.

Baby specificly told me that Army Stew was a MUST-ORDER for our dinner... There it goes, his request was fulfilled. Tasted truly authentic & delicious.

Have you ever wondered how this dish got his name as Army Stew? >>> During the Korean war between the South & the North, American army bases became a permanent fixture in South Korea, to assist the South against the North.

Americans brought in some foods that Koreans had never seen in Korea such as spam, sausages and baked beans etc, hence in the modern Korean cuisine, these ingredients are used to make a spicy stew named 'Budae Jjigae' which literally translates as the 'Army Stew'.

We ordered a Panda Noodle >>> Wok-fried Noodles with Pork, Vegetable in Black Bean Sauce... This was a let-down, we found it too sweet for our taste bud.

Side dish for us - Tofu Medley... Tasted normal, nothing to shout about.

 Crab-meat cake with toppings - stir fried Kimchi & Parsley served on top of Square-ish Tofu....

Service is efficient, the staff are friendly too... The damage was SGD 57.91... I still prefer Kko Kko Nara in terms of quality of food, but the downside is Kko Kko Nara is more pricey as compared to Sarang.

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