Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Preview screening of Laddaland

My RSVP for the preview screening was confirmed by OMY.sg! Baby & I went for the preview screening of 'Laddaland'. In the same time, I won a pair of tickets to the same movie from xinmsn.com. As I got additional tickets... So I invited Ryna & Rush along for the screening with us. Met up Lynn & Louie @ GV Plaza as they were going for the movie preview too...

 --- Posters of Laddaland ---

Thee (played by Saharang Sangkapreecha) is one of the millions people in Bangkok who cannot afford a home based on his meager staff salary. Living in an old rental apartment, he feels the societal pressure of being labelled as a bad husband & father for not able to provide a shelter for his family. He is determined to leave his old life and move his family to Northern Thailand after being offered a new job in Chiang Mai.

He sets up the furniture and bedrooms and prepares the arrival for his wife, Parn (starring Piyathida Woramusik) and his 2 young children, Nan & Nat. He believes that they will have a better and happier life at laddaland. His dreams of enjoying the warmth and comfort of their new home are dashed, when a Burmese maid is brutally murdered in the house down the street. Her body is stuffed inside a refrigerator with her face burned off by acid.

 'Laddaland' is a different sort of horror film. Well crafted and directed, Laddaland’s powerful fusion of hair-raising chills with a heart wrenching portrayal of shattered dreams and collapsing marriage makes it one of the finest offerings from Thai cinema this year.


Thailand's GTH, a horror pedigree in Singapore, and Sophon Sakdaphisit has became one of the most well known directors in Asia after his first screenplay writing for the feature film - 'Shutter' became Thailand's highest grossing box office and one of the most successful genre film in Asia. 'Laddaland' is his second film after the directorial debut - 'Coming Soon'

Die-hard fans of horror films will not be disappointed, as frightening scenes are plentiful and they intensify as the story approaches the climax. Many of the elements that were to design to scare the audience are also novel, like the air conditioner’s human sensor, the cat’s automatic photographing collar and the sound of an operating sewing machine at wee hours.

I had the pleasure of watching the preview screening all thanks to OMY.sg. The premiere date is on the 9 June 2011.

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