Monday, June 13, 2011

Detoxification is essential for glowing skin

Do you feel lethargic even after a good night’s rest? Is your skin dull and starting to sag? Do you have visible pores, pigmentation problems and uneven skin tone?

Eating too much saturated fat, meat, or processed foods can lead to excess body waste and food chemicals accumulating in the body. Insufficient fruit and vegetable intake hinders your body to detoxify effectively. In the long run, toxins pile up in your body, and deprive you of essential nutrients. The effects manifest in tiredness, a constant state of lethargy and unhealthy skin.

AFC Green Juice is a nutritious blend of Japanese organic barley grass, Japanese Kale and top quality Shizuoka green tea, added with premium grade hydrolyzed micro-collagen. It helps to create a healthy body, provides essential green nutrients and cleanses our body system while optimizing the absorption of the skin enhancing nutrients for healthy glowing skin.
What does the Green Juice does to our body?

Aids detoxification to optimize nutrients absorption, it also helps to repair damaged skin cells to restore skin firmness, clarity and radiance.

AFC Green Juice with Collagen is suitable for all ages for good health and vitality. It is extremely beneficial for those who: Have little or no vegetables intake • Eat a lot of meat or have diets high in saturated fat • Imbalanced diers or frequently dine out • Have dull skin or/and uneven skin tone (unhealthy skin) • Suffer from constipation • Bad breath.

Just a table-spoon mixed with water or juice and you're ready to go ; it can be served in ice-cold, warm or hot and your body will absorb all the goodness ingredients from the Green Juice.

I consume the Green Juice every morning and I feel refreshed after drinking it. It does help me to clear my stomach everyday. (I think this is the detox process). The texture of the drink is really fine and smooth. It tastes kinda sweet even when mixed with just plain water...

My skin is firmer as compared to before and the MOST importantly my face looks more radiant now!

Each packet of Green Juice cost SGD58 (online price is exclusive of GST). Available ONLY for online purchase at AFC website.

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