Sunday, June 12, 2011

HTC Sensation

Baby & I were very honored to be able to attend the fabulous HTC Sensation event @ HTC Multimedia Powerhouse... Thanks HTC Singapore for the invite!

As appoaching the venue, we were guided by the lighted air-balloon...
The crowd was over-whelming... A happening party night indeed.I was fascinated by an enormous 'ICE' located at the drink bar counter... I wondered what was that for, could it be for deco purposes? ... The answer revealed... I saw a bartender poured the liquor into the pipe inside the hugh ice... for chilling purposes before serving in a glass to the people in the house.Photo-taking time....

Took a picture with the HTC smart phone... That phone belongs to Bezzie, Kyoko. Hahaha!!

Complimentary drinks & finger food on the house
This black can drink caught my eyes - 28 Black, 'ACAI Premium Drink' is an energy drink with 80mg of cafferine... This product has a distinctive 'tart berry' flavour.

Free flow of beer from Schneider Weisse was served to all the guests in the house... With top-fermented yeast as an ingredient, this beer finishes with a fine bitterness.

We love yummy foodies...

The long-waited performer of the night - DJ Seb Fontaine.

Englishman Seb Fontaine is a house music DJ who has a humble beginning... He later advanced his career as a resident DJ at one of UK's largest nightclub at Cream. He released an array of mix albums and worked as a remix producer too.
Given a HTC bottle as a souvenir for attending this event.... What a creative idea!

Thanks for inviting us, HTC Singapore!!! *HUGZ*

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