Friday, June 17, 2011

Por Jai Authentic Thai Restaurant

Diandin Leluk is part the Tuk Tuk Thai Kitchen chain, and a well known budget Thai restaurant at Golden Mile, the owner of the chain opened up an eatery place at Serangoon Gardens called Por Jai Authentic Thai Restaurant...

Baby & I started off with the Coconut Tom Yam Seafood.

The soup was pretty delightful, authentic and very yummy... Love the spicy-ness and it whet up our appetites.

I’m a big fan of Phad Thai... The flat rice noodles were perfectly done and the dish was seasoned nicely. This dish is authentic and value for money.

Omelette with Prawn tasted normal, nothing to shout about.

The green curry was creamy and thick and it goes well with Baby's white rice... Chunks of chicken breasts were tender and smooth. This dish is delicious enough to get more servings of white rice.

Chicken Wrap with Pandan was one of the better pandan chickens that I've eaten so far... The meat was tender but most importantly this dish was not oily for me.

Generally, the food was decent and the price was reasonable too... Service was good as well. The downside - ice water was chargeable at 30 cents per glass. The damage was SGD41.20...

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