Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dinner with Baby @ Anchorpoint

It's been long time since I had a decent meal with my Baby. Spending quality time with each other is important in our relationship, but mainly have not been eating out much because we have been saving up our money for our forthcoming trip (less than 3 weeks times) to London and Paris.

Saving up money is to ensure we can have a fruitful trip and spree like nobody business, hahaha... We are all ready for our trip!

We went to Anchorpoint on a random day after our work, we settled ourselves at a traditional looking eatery place, Sashimi House SAKURAYA. The interior of the restaurant was pretty vintage and the songs which they played were all classic oldies music pieces from Japan.

Upon seating, appetizer was served to us... Both baby & I enjoyed the marinated sweet tapioca loads.

Our photo-taking session!

We ordered a main course each... Baby had Curry Soba, it tasted different from other restaurants as the curry is not the processed type and this really makes it good.
I had Tempura Soba, I love the fresh prawns used to make the tempura... Oishi to the MAX!

Our dinner will never be complete without 'side kicks', so we ordered Tori Karaage, Yaki Gyoza and Tori Tsukune...
The golden and crispy chicken chunks made my stomach growled even before I started eating and the meat was juicy and tasted great too.
Yaki Gyoza is my all-time favourite, I love the vinegar sauce as it perked up my appetite and really goes well with the Gyoza.

Lastly, as the presentation of Tori Tsukune might not look good, but believe me, it tasted uber delicious.

We ended our lovely dinner with some ‘sweet nothings’... We had green tea ice-cream waffle and vanilla frost ball coated with chocolate.

The damage was SGD51, the price is pretty at the high side, but is worthwhile...

Love the 'RKM' with my Baby... Believe that we will have tons of that when we are on vacation this coming November. Can't wait to fly off from Singapore!

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