Sunday, March 16, 2014

[By all means] Jess Baby is a food lover!

If you are a fan of sambal fish, then you should visit Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant which is located at Horne Road (opp Jalan Besar Stadium). 

After a hard day's work, I wanted to pamper myself with some Cze Char feast on a random Friday. I decided to bring Baby to a new-found Cze Char gem, and they are known for their sambal fish as we noticed that this signature dish is on every table when we were at the eatery place.

We ordered the 'die die must try' sambal fish for our indulgence.  We chose the sole fish over pomfret as per my liking. The fish was perfectly deep-fried to a crisp. It was crispy at the outside and the fish meat was tender and juicy in the inside. Topping the fish was fragrant home-made sambal belachan. It was pretty spicy and salty hence one will need to eat it with white rice. Overall, it was superb-ly tasty.

We had Stewed Duck Soup, and lastly, we had Sweet and Sour Pork, and the meat was pretty lean, and was thinly sliced. Each pork fillet was deep-fried till crispy, and the sauce was well balanced too. 
Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant satisfied our sambal cravings. The damage was SGD57-ish, and it was pretty affordable and relatively cheap as we ordered a medium sized fish, which was due to the smaller sized fish being sold-out.   

We visited the popular food haunt, Windowsill Pies for some sweet indulge, and it is also located at Horne Road.

We love the setting of the cafe, as it bears a simple layout and is not too complicated.

There is a super huge teddy bear for diners to pose pictures with it and as it is a photo-taking corner, the cafe was so thoughtful enough to also provide some props for diners to use.

We took some random selfie(s) while chilling out at the cafe... 

We ordered Apple and Chamomile tea by the pot and shared a slice of Pumpkin Cake.

The prices are all in nett as there is no GST or service charge at all, and we paid SGD13-ish.

Ever since Baby introduced me to Buddy Hoagies Cafe and Grill last year, we have been back to visit it a  couple of times, be it for meals, desserts or even tea and snacks. We simply love to spend our quality time there as the setting is pretty cozy for some gatherings and chit-chats.

On a random weekend, we went there for our brunch, and we enjoyed having our meals in this casual and relaxed ambiance.  

We started off our meal with Minestrone Soup with Garlic Bread.

I had Veggies Aglio Oilo with Bacon and I picked penne as my choice for pasta. It was pretty delicious as a whole.    

Baby ordered Flamed Chicken with Mashed Potato and Seasonal Greens. The damage was minimal as it cost only us SGD23-ish.

I am back again to the Parisian Patisserie and Tea Salon, Antoinette. As mentioned before, it is located very near where I stay, and that it very convenient for me to pop by every now and then with my Baby for desserts.

I love the logo very much, as it bears a Victorian-styled design.

We ordered the Orange Pekoe tea by the pot and a slice of Strawberry Shortcake. The damage was SGD20 and I enjoyed my stay at Antoinette...

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