Wednesday, March 19, 2014

MiraDry Singapore Launch

Are you bothered by underarm sweat? If yes, now is the time to say goodbye to embarrassing sweat with MiraDry, Singapore’s first FDA approved, non-surgical, long lasting solution.

MiraDry is a revolutionary solution to eliminate embarrassing underarm sweat which was officially launched in Singapore with results of a recent study revealing 85% of Singaporeans are bothered by excessive sweat. It is also perfect for hot and humid climates like Singapore where excessive underarm sweat are commonplace.

The MiraDry treatment is a safe, clinically proven solution with immediate results, approved by FDA (in 2011) and CE, which is quick and non-surgical, delivering precisely controlled microwave energy to the sweat glands in the underarms. The treatment was first launched in the US in 2012

This newly launch of MiraDry is a ULTIMATE SOLUTION for the people who are silent suffering a long lasting excessive underarm sweat or body odor.  

Below is the local study results about Singaporeans react to the sweating problems.

·    70% of Singaporeans state they have been bothered by their own sweat in a professional setting
·    8 out of 10 people feel their social lives have been affected by sweat

·    More than half of Singaporeans make conscious fashion choices based on the possibility of sweat

·    More than 50% say they are bothered by their excessive sweat and try not to lift their arms over their heads
·    About one third would treat excessive sweat by using deodorants / antiperspirants or simply shower and wash themselves more frequently
With all the above results, the MiraDry treatment is a welcome solution to the Singapore market.  

MiraDry was specifically developed and clinically approved to help the people around the world who are embarrassed or bothered by underarm sweat and want a non-invasive solution with immediate results to their problem. With the new advanced technology, MiraDry system is the best option that provides a safe and lasting solution for excessive sweat.

The procedure takes approximately one hour, and is generally performed at a doctor’s office, under local anaesthesia, after a full prior consultation. For the best results, two sessions about three months apart are recommended.

The MiraDry system delivers precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the region where the underarm sweat and odour glands reside, which heats the sweat and odour glands and eliminates them for good.

During the procedure, most people experience some pressure and light pulling on the skin, with some sensations of warmth. Soreness or swelling is normal, and typically clears within a few weeks. Some patients have temporary, short-term altered sensation in the skin of their underarms or upper arms, which gradually disappears.

After the treatment, the underarm sweat glands will not grow back or regenerate. As MiraDry was created specially to remove sweat glands from the underarm, it cannot be used to treat excessive sweating in other areas of the body, such as hands, feet, forehead, or knees.


Currently, in Singapore, there are only 2 clinics offering the MiraDry treatment, and one of the clinics is The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. We were glad to have Dr Martin Huang, Plastic Surgeon from The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic at the launch event which was held at the Mandarin Orchard Singapore to share with us the procedure of the MiraDry treatment and the long lasting results obtained after the treatment.

 There are two types of sweat glands located just below the surface of the skin. The eccrine glands secrete a clear, odourless fluid to help cool the body. The apocrine glands produce a thicker fluid that gives underarm sweat its distinctive odor.

Some people have overactive sweat glands which produce four or five times more sweat than normal than what is needed to cool the body.

The MiraDry was tested, and the treatment shows that it can reduce odor glands, and currently, MiraDry is embarking on official studies to verify the long lasting reduction or elimination of odor.

The MiraDry treatment was developed by Miramar Labs in the US. In Asia, Singapore is the fourth country it is made available after Japan, Korea and Hong Kong – and the first in South East Asia.

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