Saturday, March 8, 2014

[food post] All about food...

On a random afternoon, both Ryna and I went to Arab Street during our lunch break to seek for some nice comfort, which in this case, was Nasi Padang, but we came across a halal Vietnamese restaurant, Pho 4 All, and therefore we decided to enter without any expectations.
To our surprise, the food served in Pho 4 All was delicious. It is pretty decent standard for a halal restaurant to serve traditional and signature food from Vietnam.

Both of us ordered a bowl of well-done Beef Brisket and Flank each which is priced at SGD8.90, and we enjoyed the light broth very much.

  To complement our dining experience, we also ordered the Vietnamese Spring Roll. Each roll is stuffed with minced chicken and vegetables.

Lastly, we washed down our meal with 2 glasses of signature Vietnamese fruit tea. The damage was SGD31-ish.

Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar was awarded the 'Best Pizza' in the 'Dining Out' for the 'Gourmet Living' Oct/Nov 2010 issue.

Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar is located at Holland Village and is specialized in serving healthy gourmet Australian Pizzas.

We ordered an upper crust pizza of which half of it was Wagyu and Prawn, and the other half was Roast Duck.

They tasted great and I love every bit of the two flavors. The damage was SGD39-ish. Oh well, the price might be slightly at the high side but the taste of the pizza made up for it. Our motto: We don't mind paying more for nice food!

Al Qasr is the one of the most prestigious Lebanese fine dining restaurants which is located in the heart of Holland Village. (For easy reference, it is diagonally opposite WALA WALA).

Every Thursday, they are running happy-hour promotion for ladies night out, and all ladies get to have free-flow Mojitos till 9pm with every main course ordered.  

We ordered Sultani Kebabs to share between us in order to entitled ourselves to free-flow Mojitos, and Baby ordered a glass of red wine (Chilean Merlot) for himself.  

The sauce was served to us to go along with the main course.

The damage was SGD46 and in my opinion, it was a pretty hefty price to pay for a main course and a glass of red wine.

I end my post with our dinner at Washokodokoro Waraku Restuarant which is located at VivoCity. We had a delightful and sumptuous dinner minus the service provided from the staffs. We paid SGD62 after 40% off from VivoCity Signature dishes (Kurobuta Tonkatsu / Unagi Tamago)

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