Monday, March 31, 2014


Haw Par Villa is a Chinese theme park located in Singapore, near Pasir Panjang, and is the only one of its kind left in the world.

Haw Par Villa is rich in heritage, culture and folklore. Popular Chinese Classics such as Journey to the West, The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, Feng Shen Bang and Legend of the white Snake are brought to life.

It used to be a very popular attraction spot among the locals and tourist alike in Singapore, and I remember a gathering with my ex-classmates with many photos taken at this iconic Tiger Balm Gardens (originally name of Haw Par Villa). But as time passes, this old Chinese theme park has seen better days and is a fading memory among Singaporeans.
Perhaps the best known attraction at Haw Par Villa, is the Ten Courts of Hell which features gruesome depictions of Hell in Chinese mythology and Buddhism. It used to be set inside a 60-metre long trail of a Chinese Dragon but the dragon has been demolished, so the attraction is now covered by a grey stone wall.  

In the 1990s, Haw Par Villa was a quintessential part of everyone's growing up. The park was alive with school visits and young couple journey-ing the Dragon's belly on the short boat ride.

In celebration of Singapore Tourism Board’s 50 Anniversary, they organized a Tourism50 Campaign with 3 reminisce phases. This is to create awareness and appreciate the past and present tourism attractions that were developed by the Singapore Tourism Board.
Sin Hoe Ping Puppet Troupe Performance offers a rich taste of Chinese cultural and traditions.

The first reminisce phase is ‘RELIVING HAW PAR VILLA’, and there were free guided tours at the Haw Par Villa over two weekends in March (15, 16 and 22, 23). I was so lucky to be part of the ‘Reliving Haw Par Villa’ on the last day, and although I did not join the tour but my trip to Haw Par Villa brought back many fond and good memories of my childhood.

I saw many statues at Haw Par Villa, and most of them had a familiar feel to me. It seems like it was just yesterday, when I last came to the park!

It has been a long hiatus since I last stepped into Haw Par Villa, and I remembered having some photos of myself way back in the 90s. And now, I want to share with you guys some retro photos of me and my friends at Haw Par Villa... Do enjoy!! (Denote: I am the one in grey singlet with jeans, and I was super slim during my teenage life. How I wish I can look like that now... Boo!!)


After my post, I hope you can make a trip down to Haw Par Villa with your family, friends and even with your loved ones and create a whole new memory with Reliving Haw Par Villa!!


jia juan lu said...

I'm so jealous of your slim legs, they never seemed to change from the pics of your younger days till now.


I have long legs since i was a primary school kids, and. I am one of the tallest female students in class. ALWAYS LOL! Hahaha....