Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Product launch - Get intelligent with BeautyBiotics

A new range of skin-caring and dermatological tested cosmetics, BeautyBiotics has hit the beauty product shelves in Singapore in February. BeautyBiotics is positioned as an intelligent beauty aid to offer advanced anti-aging beauty care that targets common skin concerns such as hydration, whitening and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. All products from BeautyBiotics have been formulated through an extensive scientific research and development process in Japan.

 Inspired by the modern busy lifestyle that today’s women are leading, BeautyBiotics was created to cater and simplify their beauty routines. BeautyBiotics contains efficient formulas that multi-task and every product from BeautyBiotics is dermatological tested and suitable even for sensitive skin types. Now, it is time to get smart on your beauty routine.

To kick off the brand launch, BeautyBiotics introduced the 5 power products.

Under make-up rangeBB/CC Cream, BB + Nano Luminescene Mineral Pearl Powder and the UV White Nano Mineral Power, which have the common properties of being ultra lightweight makeup with powerful, hydration and sun protection factors.

Under  their skincare range – Are two highly innovative skin cleansers, Exfoliating Jelly and Collagen Cleanse that designed for skin cell regeneration and restoration of skin radiance instantly after application.  

 BB/CC Cream is a hardworking multi-task-er, as it boasts a 12-in-1 benefits. It bears not only the whitening properties but gives good coverage and long lasting hydration up to 12 hours. BB/CC Cream serves as a sunscreen with a broad spectrum SPF40/PA+++.

BB + Nano Luminescene Mineral Pearl Powder is a perfecting powder formulated with Nano technology to deliver nourishing nutrients into the skin’s deeper layers. It provides long lasting coverage of pores as well as skin imperfections, and lastly a youthful coverage is achieved while maintaining skin’s luminosity. BB + Nano Luminescene Mineral Pearl Powder is also a powder with all the skin care benefits of a cream, and it helps to repair and hydrate skin.

UV White Nano Mineral Powder provides up to SPF50/PA+++ sun protection and it is also an effective whitening treatment. UV White Powder comes in a nifty compact container that is very lightweight and easy to apply. It is a better and convenient alternative as compare to the traditional thick and sticky sunscreens.

The nutrients from the UV White Nano Mineral Powder that infused into the skin continuously and helps the skin to regenerate and reduce pigmentation and lighten dark spots. It plays multiple roles of skin tone correcting make-up, sun protector, skin whitener and repairing skincare. 

The Exfoliating Jelly is an advanced enzymatic facial peel that gently exfoliates and restores clarity and newfound luminosity to skin at the same time. It removes dead skin cells and reveals radiant and youthful skin, but more importantly, it prepares the skin to absorb the nutrients better and fully.

Collagen Cleanse is a daily facial cleanser, and comes in powdered form in the first place and then turned into a foam cleanser when mixed with water. With every usage, it helps the skin to regenerate its collagen which leaves the skin deeply cleansed without stripping off the natural oils.  

I was glad to be part of the product launch event to witness the birth of the brand new generation of intelligent skin caring cosmetics, BeautyBiotics, and it was held at the Ion Sky.

Upon stepping into the premises, I was inspired by some meaningful line by famous celebrities...  

Mediacorp Actress, Paige Chua is the ambassador for BeautyBiotics.

I was pretty curious about BeautyBiotics, as it is an Innovation x Science based skin care that doubles as a skin care and make up range with all-in-one benefits. Apart from being labelled as an intelligent skin caring cosmetics, it is known as fasthetics too all thanks to immediate skin fix, fuss-free looks and instant aesthetic transformation.

 There was a presentation on the product and followed by a make-up segment by our renowned makeup artist, Clarence Lee.


 During the launch, we got to feel the texture of each individual product, and I was very impressed with the skincare range, Exfoliating Jelly, Collagen Cleanse and BB/CC Cream.

Among the three, my favorite would have to be BB/CC Cream, as I am a person with little patience, and I love hassle free product, so I love the 1-step beauty regime. All I need is just a single application of BB/CC Cream to look good.  

We enjoyed the presentation very much as we get to know more about the benefits from BeautyBiotics.

 We were given a big box which filled with goodies from BeautyBiotics. YES, we were given the 5 five power products - BB/CC Cream, BB + Nano Luminescene Mineral Pearl Powder, UV White Nano Mineral Power, Exfoliating Jelly and Collagen Cleanse.

There are 2 finishing types for BB + Nano Luminescene Mineral Pearl PowderMatte and Shimmer


There are 3 different shades for BB/CC CreamNatural, Fair and Shimmer.

Lastly, thanks for the invite!! BeautyBiotics Dream Cream series is available exclusively at Watsons stores. For more information, please visit www.beautybiotics.com and do ‘LIKE’ their Facebook.

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