Monday, March 10, 2014

[Service review] Ultrasonic Skin Renewal facial by Regina

A lovely invite from Regina that allowed me to experience their 45-minutes Ultrasonic Skin Renewal facial treatment at Suntec City. The space is pretty small, so they do not provide body contouring treatment in this outlet.

Before I started my beauty session, I went for a short briefing on the treatment I would be receiving shortly, as well as the Do's and Don'ts after the treatment. 

I was brought into this small cozy room for the facial treatment and I changed into the facial robe that was provided.

Since Regina is born in Japan, thus all beauty treatments are done in a clean and simple way. I believe most people know that hygiene is a top notch priority in Japanese culture and that explains the use of a plastic clear mat on the salon beds, this will make easy for cleaning and sterilizing after use.

The facial therapist started off by cleansing my face which was followed by high frequency vibrations generated from the ultrasonic cleansing device. This device helps to removes unwanted bits of impurities like blackheads/whiteheads from my skin.  

During my Ultrasonic Skin Renewal Facial, I did not experience any pain or discomfort except for the vibration on my skin and high-pitched squeaky sound from the device.

Unlike other facial parlors, they do not provide facial massage and extractions. After this deep cleansing procedure, the therapist wrapped up my facial session with a cooling whitening mask which covered my entire face, eyes and even my mouth.

After the Ultrasonic Skin Renewal treatment, my face felt suppler, smoother and 'bouncier'. The mask brightened up my complexion and I felt that my face is glowing. So AWESOME!! My face was noticeably more radiant and glowing. I definitely can see a significant improvement in my complexion.  

I left the salon without any make-up on as I was happy and felt good to show the public my glowing bare-face after the treatment...

I was pretty skeptical as I am afraid that my face will breakout after the treatment, and after observation for 3-5 days, there was no breakouts at all. I was very happy with the end results as my skin now absorbed my daily-use beauty products better. 

If you want to experience the Japanese-styled facial treatment, or looking for a simple facial for maintenance, then Ultrasonic Skin Renewal Facial is the best option for you.

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