Thursday, March 13, 2014

[V10 Plus] Launch of LX Series

V 10 Plus Serum offers a customized hassle-free skin solution.

Being the world's 1st skin supplement concept, V10 Plus introduced a new series of anti-aging, LX Series. As promised, V 10 Plus delivers premium quality products to cater to all skin needs. 

I attended the V 10 Plus Blogger Workshop - Launch of LX Series and Facial Demo which was held at the Japanese Association of Singapore.

Aging is a cruel process which no one can escape from, but with the launch of the LX Series, it will help us to age gracefully.

Before we kicked off the workshop, there was an opening speech presentation by the founder of V 10 Plus, Mrs Akiko Yokota.

LX Advanced Eye Treatment Cream helps to resist dryness from the eye area, maintains moisture and restores skin elasticity and firmness. 

LX Advanced Eye Treatment Cream also minimizes the appearance of age spots, dark patches around the eye and diminishes  fine lines and gives a youthful and radiant looking eyes.

Apply a small amount the eye areas after cleansing for dark eye circles, eye bags and fine wrinkles around the eye areas. For both day and night use.  

V10 PLUS Quasi Serum is a new comprehensive approach which offers intensive protection. It prevents dark spots and freckles.

Quasi Serum brightens the face complexion and with intense natural extract and moisture that will help the skin to achieve radiance.

LX Advanced Lifting Treatment Cream helps to restore skin density and firmness and obtain youthful looking facial contours as well as silky smooth complexions too.

LX Advanced Lifting Treatment Cream also reduces visible fine lines and wrinkles, firms up sagging skin and lifts up facial contour.

 Apply a small amount on the cleansed face to achieve a smooth, soft and radiant complexion. It will increase the collagen production as to reduce wrinkles, and ensure that the skin becomes more elastic and firm. For both day and night use.

There was a facial demo during the workshop as to show us on the correct way to apply and massage of face to achieve great results with the LX Series products

As below images shown, there 3 basic steps: Always start on a cleansed face, follow by the Quasi Serum, next is applying LX Eye Treatment Cream with the correct massage steps to reduce fine and aging lines and lastly pamper the face with the lots of massage techniques using the LX Lifting Cream to get the effective results.  

The workshop was wrapped up with a fun segment, and we formed a group of 4 to create an artistic and beautiful artwork. We named our group as 'The Fantastic 4'.

Here's our final artwork!!

Congrats to the team who won the most creative artwork in this fun-loving segment!!

We were bagged with 3 LX Series products, and I can’t wait to see the results and the goodness of the latest anti-aging products from V 10 Plus.

I love the V 10 Plus Serum loads!!

 I was glad to have Sweetie and Wendy with me at the workshop, and coincidently, I met up Michelle which I got to know from my previous event, Ramen Champion at Great World City. 
Lastly, I want to thank V 10 Plus for the lovely invite and for more information, kindly visit 

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