Friday, March 7, 2014

New hair color for Jess Baby + random doings

Recently, I just got my hair colored at my usual hairdo haunt, Papilio. I was first introduced to this salon through flowerpod forum, and I fell in love with their service as well as the results I received. Their charges for hair treatments and services are pretty decent and affordable! I paid SGD120 for hair color, treatment and trimming!

On top of that I was also given a bottle of intensive hair serum, POWERDOSE COLOR by L'Oreal Professional and a cash voucher worth SGD20 for my next visit. I think I will probably do my hair treatment there from now on. 

As usual, on weekends, we will normally drive in to Malaysia, and we did. We drove into Taman Mount Austin, and we had our afternoon tea at Auntie Lim Cafe. Baby ordered a glass of Banana Milk Shake and Ham and Egg Sandwiches.

I ordered the recommended dish from the menu, Chives Pancakes, and with the spicy dipping black sauce, the pancakes tasted GREAT! The damage was RM21-ish (SGD8-ish) with a cup of hot ginger tea.

I picked up a set of makeup brushes for myself, and I love the girlish print that was printed on each brush.

Baby and I fell in love with Pasarbella, after our food tasting at Shiraz Mazzeh which was organised by Street Directory 

We made a trip down to seek for some nice comfort food and we settled at E-Sarn Thai Cuisine.  
I had a delightful dinner and the damage was SGD47-ish.

I end my post with my new love, My Melody tattoo stockings which I got from Argyle Centre in Hong Kong.

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