Friday, March 14, 2014

Dinner at Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen aka Volcano Ramen + Jess Baby's random

Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen aka Volcano Ramen is one of the most popular traditionalist ramen among the ramen lovers. It is originating from Osaka, Japan.

Baby and I decided to have delicious ramen for our dinner, so we decided to visit Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen which is located at Liang Court, and their flagship store is located at Novena Square. I was attracted by the authentic Japanese-style deco in the restaurant and it filled with Japanese Culture as I walked in.

There was a short queue and we waited about 15 minutes to get ourselves seated. The queue seemed to be  endless, even though we had already settled down with our orders. The space is rather small and that explains the long-waiting queue.

The whole idea of Volcano erupting ramen is pretty gimmicky. The soup is poured into a pre-heated 400 degree hot stone bowl with all the ingredients and the noodles inside *Caution: FIERY HOT*

The stone bowl is covered by a cone-shaped lid for one minute, and when it is cooked, and the steam will come out and it resembles an erupting volcano. What an experience!!

 After the cover is removed, stir the noodles quickly and well before they get burned. Transfer to the given bowl which was served to enjoy the ramen. Lastly, add the rice in the remaining aromatic soup mixture for the whole dinner indulgence.

I love the chashu (roasted pork) very much as they tasted well-marinated. The broth is thick and flavoring and not salty at all. They added A LOT OF assorted vegetables in the soup such as cabbages, bean sprouts and leeks. 

I ordered the small portion of Kazan Karamiso, and I struggled to finish it. I seriously feel like it can feed 2 persons and the big portion and eat an army. Luckily, Baby helped me to finish up too, as I am a person who does not like to waste food.

Baby had the big portion of Curry version, and it was delicious and he managed to finish all by himself. The thick ramen give a chewy texture and it blended well into the soup and it absorbed the flavor from the soup.

It is pretty affordable as the portion is REALLY very generous. If you ever find yourself starving or craving  for the authentic Osaka Ramen, do check out the Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen at Liang Court.

Re-cap: I attended the launch of BeautyBiotics which was held at Ion Sky. Thanks for featuring us (sweetie + me) in the official collage on the FB wall.
A couple of weeks ago, my adorable Coco attended the Pet Expo which was held at Singapore Expo with us, and we paid SGD3 per adult and free admission for all pets...
I picked up a Chitocure Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo (480ml) at discounted price of SGD28, and was given Daily Delight – Luscious Beef and Veggy by Eagle Pro as gift-with-purchase (GWP).

Coco had fun at the Pet Expo, as she mingled around with other doggies, and she received a lot of goodies from the events too... *Nice Shot! Happy Coco* 

I end my post with some samples try-out for the newly range, White Plus Renew by Laneige which I have redeemed recently from one of the outlets, Suntec City.

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