Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy Birthday, Uncle Mike

Before we departed from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Baby and I picked up a bottle of Johnnie Walker - The Explorer's Club Collection (The Spice Road) from DFS at the airport as Uncle Mike's birthday pressie, apart from that we also got him a golf glove.  

We were happy that Uncle Mike took some of his time off to pick us up from LCCT, and drove us back to our stay at Subang Jaya. I rested awhile in the car, while Baby and uncle Mike were chatting happily about life in general.

The customized cake has been delivered to the house in prior to our arrival in Kuala Lumpur. The cake looked yummy with a BIG numeric '63' that represent his age and the sugary golfer figure that resembled Uncle Mike minus off the pot-belly. Hahaha!! Oh well, in short, this cake was ESPECIALLY tailor-made just for him. 

Before we prepared ourselves for our Oyster Party at home in conjunction of celebrating Uncle Mike's 63th birthday, we headed down to Jaya Grocer which was located at Empire Gallery Shopping Centre. It is pretty near to where we stayed as we only needed less than 10mins to drive down. We picked up quite a number of ingredients such as bacon, different types of cheese, lettuces, sour cream, red wines, dessert wines and etc.

Uncle Tay, Uncle Chan and Uncle Mike were busy scrubbing and cleaning the oyster shells as this is an initial step for our Oyster Party. Baby gave his aid to them too, and he seemed to enjoy doing the cleaning and brushing job... Hahahaha!!

While in the Kitchen, the ladies including myself were busy preparing Salad, Garlic bread and Macaroni and Cheese a.k.a Mac'n'Cheese...

Vivian added some hard boiled eggs to the salad, and I was busy taking photo while she was doing it. WOW!! I love the salad dressing as it was home-made recipe by Shelly.

Home-made Garlic Bread

Apparently, I only helped up on the Mac'n'Cheese.

After the macaroni was cooked, we added the cheese and before baking them in the oven.

Topped it with some bacon bits and served it hot with Sour Cream (optional) for more cheesy feeling.


To complete the dining experience, Shelly whipped up a nice pot of Oxtail Soup, and it was so delicious that I helped myself with several servings.

I have never taken raw oysters in my life at all, as it looks raw to me and the fishy taste/smell turns me off. Uncle Mike ordered about 200 big and juicy oysters for the party, and Shelly was so kind to bake the oysters for me with cheese and bacon bits as she wanted me to enjoy the oysters as much as the rest did.

Half done is required in order to lock up the freshness and juice of the oyster. The baked oyster tasted terrific, the moist/juice of the oyster was kept well and the baking process and by adding the cheese has eliminated the raw smell. Though the baked oyster was not fully cooked, I still enjoyed the oyster as they tasted sweet and delicious. 
 Bacon bits enhanced the baked oysters better and I ate quite a few of them... Hahaha!! This is my virgin tasting of oyster although I never take it raw. I want to thank Uncle Mike and Shelly for giving me a chance to try out the delicacy.

After my dinner, I chilled out with my favorite dessert wine, Moscato and some garlic bread!! So lifestyle rite!! Hahaha!!

Time for cake-cutting celebration!! Happy Birthday, Uncle Mike and may all your wishes come true and many happy returns.
Thanks for reading (:

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