Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Affordable Art Fair (AAF) 2014

All thanks to Baby’s BFF, Nick Allen, we got our passes to the Affordable Art Fair (AAF) which was held at the F1 Pit Building. Both Baby and I love arts, and this is definitely a not -to -be missed event for us.
The concept of Affordable Art Fair is to make art accessible in a simple and unique way. All paintings, sculpture and photography can be found under one roof at the fair and all it is all on for sales at prices between SGD100 to SGD10,000, and 75% of the art works were under SGD7,500. They labelled all the artwork clearly is to ensure visitors had a good idea on the price of the art and what was affordable. 

'Fred Lives Here' teamed up with  Affordable Art Fair to celebrate the 100th Affordable Art Fair and Singapore's first May Edition. Fred Lives Here also created a special competition by providing a matte pink DSW chair as blank canvases for the selected artists to create their inspiring artistic designs.
We saw many winning designs showcased at the fair which would become part of the new collection for sale at 'Fred Loves Here' shop itself.


We also got a chance to sample free coffee fix by Nespresso Maison. I love the masterpiece art of Nespresso Maison which is made up by the Nespresso capsules.

Art piece by David Bray

This awesome artwork was sold out when we were there at the fair and it costs SGD10,000

Affordable Gastronomy by SAVOUR offers a range of delicious food and beverage at the Art Fair.

We had a Chicken Pie with garden Salad from Dean & Deluca and a refreshing alcohol cocktail.
Lastly, I end my post with an eye-candy artwork involving thousands of My Little Pony…
After all, it was a splendid event, and I am happy to have learnt that many Singaporean especially the younger generation enjoy and do appreciate the arts. The Affordable Art Fair is a nice event to let many people who have a common interest in art to come together. If you miss the chance to go this year, no worries, just ensure you mark the calendar for the next edition in 2015.

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