Thursday, June 5, 2014

[chill-drink-eat] Food tasting at Kakis Bistro & Bar

Kakis Bistro & Bar is tucked away in a corner of Changi Village. It is a haunt where friends come together, be it having a meal or simply just chilling out with beers or drinks. It provides an eco-friendly environment for us to enjoy nature and spend quality time with our loved ones, family and friends.

Kakis Bistro & Bar believes in being green and ensure patrons spend happy times and spread love together, as there is no life without love. You can experience the best feeling of nature, and with the scenic location, there will be many bonding memories created which will last forever.

I attended an exclusive chill-drink-eat session at Kakis Bistro & Bar. All thanks to my Baby, as it is pretty hard for non-drivers to access the location. If you drive, then you are in treat as you will love this new hangout haunt.

I was glad that Sweetie and Linda were there with us too.

Live band is available on Fridays and Saturdays from 7.30pm. During our food tasting session, we had 'The Passerby' to perform for us. The female vocalist has good vocals.

Upon reaching the venue, I was greeted with lush tropical greenery. I was thrilled as we love nature and we respect the power of nature and we will protect it as long as we can. The peaceful ambience made me feel at ease.

At Kakis, we can relax in a cozy greenery environment, the air we breathe is fresher and the sunset is beautiful. A perfect hangout for all!

The first dish that was served to us was Prawn Alioli with Home-grown Lemongrass and Coriander. This was the clincher for me during the entire food tasting. I love the fresh and succulent prawns. A very good starter!

Stir-fry Button Mushroom with Home-grown Kaffir Leaf, Shallots and White Wine tasted decent but kinda oily for my taste-buds. It should be accompanied with white rice in order to reduce the oiliness.

Chicken Quesadilla with Homemade Salsa - I love the salsa sauce very much but the Quesadilla is a tad too dry but on the other hand, my baby loves this dish very much. Oh well, there is a saying that one man's meat is another man's poison.

Fries Addiction with in-house special seasoning is pretty addictive, as it is a great snack fix to go with beer.

Aglio Olio with a Fusion-taste of Home-grown Kaffir Leaf - I love the big juicy prawns and the pasta was all dente and the spices which were enhanced the whole dish.

Fish & Chips tasted normal, nothing to shout about.

Red Velvet Cake tasted decent as I have tried better ones before.

Overall, we had an enjoyable night-out at Kakis Bistro & Bar. We love the live band very much as they are friendly in person. We will be back for another round of drink/dine again. Lastly, thanks for the invite!

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