Friday, June 6, 2014

Speak Good English Movement

Students from ITE College Central, East and West wowed the public via a series of synchronised slow marches and dances which they performed in various locations around Singapore. These were done in support of the Speak Good English Movement launched recently, which highlights the importance of speaking grammatically correct English.

The students distributed Grammar Rules notebooks to the public after each performance, along with pencils and wooden rulers. Four of these notebooks feature tenses, subject-verb agreement, prepositions and countable and uncountable nouns, giving explanations and tips on usage.

I like the Singaporean blunders best!

Apart from the slow march and dance performance by the ITE students, this year’s Speak Good English Movement features six light-hearted videos featuring popular Singaporean comedian, Kumar as the 'Queen of Grammar', a magnificent royal from the Land of Good English who seeks to correct the affliction of bad English on her subjects. 


All six videos can be viewed on the Speak Good English Movement’s Facebook page and YouTube channel, with one video released each week. The videos are produced by one of Singapore’s most renowned arts and entertainment companies, Dream Academy®, written by Ben 'Mr Miyagi' Lee and Selena Soh, and directed by George Chan.

The Speak Good English Movement was launched in 2000 to encourage Singaporeans to speak Standard English that is universally understood. Standard English is English with correct grammar and pronunciation, and is not about accent.

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