Sunday, June 1, 2014

Jess Baby's randomsss

Lately, cafe-hopping has become a very popular trend among Singaporeans, and theme cafes are the latest hide-out haunts for friends' gatherings or simply just for couples' sweet dates.

Baby and I visited Strangers' Reunion which is located at Kampong Bahru Road, opp. Singapore General Hospital (SGH). There are many rave reviews about this cafe as it was managed by Ryan Tan, the winner of Singapore National Barista Championship.

We ordered a pot of hot Lady Grey tea and shared a slice of Crumble Cheesecake. I must say that it is the best cheesecake I have ever eaten before.

 The damage was SGD16, and I will come back again for their Waffles and Truffle Fries.

Recently, I just finished running a giveaway of specially-designed coasters and a shaker by Mixology on my humble blog. Congrats to all the 5 winners who won the set...

I was glad that I got to keep one set for myself too... I love the creative coasters and the shaker looks quite sturdy too.

During my Japan trip last month, I picked up many foodstuffs / snacks to bring them back to Singapore for my indulgence. All the packaging looked so cute and beautiful that I had the urge to buy and bring everything home!

I got the snacks from various places in Japan from shops, such as 100YEN, family Mart, 7-Eleven, etc. 

 I love the cup noodles very much as they featured some popular Japanese cartoons like Kumamon. The miso soup from Family Mart was Oishi ne!

I picked up the Japan's pride, Tokyo Banana from Shinjuku JR Station. I am a not fan of banana, but I tried it before and they really tasted good.

I bought a box of Red Bean Mochi from Hakone during my day-trip to Mt Fuji. It tasted fabulous as the red bean filling contains red bean bits, unlike those Taiwan mochi which contain purely filling paste.  

After my Japan trip, I developed a liking for the character 'Kumamon'. The mascot was created by the government of Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. The bear was first created in 2010 to draw tourists to the region after the Kyushu Shinkansen line had opened. 

I picked up 3 mini notepads from Kinokuniya Bookstore, and I am so happy that I was introduced to this mascot during my fruitful Japan trip.

Check out the latest mobile aid from LINE, the global messenger, and it helps me to have a better viewing experience when I watch online dramas via my smart-phone. Apart from being a sucker for my smart-phone, it is also a piggy bank too… *SAVE MORE MONEY FOR MY NEXT HOLIDAY*

My colleague, Marsita gave me a Koala Bear ornament as she came back from Australia a couple of weeks ago…  

I met up Linda recently, and she was so sweet to pass me some trial size products for me to try out. Thanks lil sista! Appreciated and I love them all…

Baby got me a camera from FUJIFILM with 12MegaPixel for me as he knows that I love taking photos… Thanks so much, Baby. A little thought means so much to me!!

Thanks Baby for collecting the Nuxe White Trial Kit for me at Beauty by Nature, VivoCity on my behalf. Thanks Nuxe for the gift pack!!

I end my post with a family photo at Wan He Lou as we were having our Mothers’ Day celebration lunch. I love you Mommy!

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