Friday, June 13, 2014

Health can be fun - Health and Beauty Workshop

I attended the 'Health can be fun', Health and Beauty Workshop at The Studio Bar,  and I was thankful that it was held on a Friday Night. As a working adult, Fridays are most precious and I am sure everyone agrees Fridays are akin to being in Heaven! Fridays shows all working adults that the working days of the week have come to a close.

It's time to let your hair down and relax. This was all made possible for me by Cozycot, with many thanks to them for the invite!

I always believe beauty comes from within, hence be it Inner Beauty or Being Health, these are all required to complement each other. Therefore, staying healthy is one my top priorities in life.

Speaking about staying healthy, Oh's farm Catering prepared for us a healthy menu for our dinner.

We had Mesclun Salad with Roasted Walnut dressed in Balsamic Vinaigrette, Cream of Mushroom (fat free milk), Grilled Chicken with Pepper Corn, Honey Baked Salmon with Dill, Lemon Dressing Tomato Whole Prawns, Sautéed Asparagus, Glaze Mushrooms with Herbs, Low Fat Cheese Eggplant and Sautéed Pasta with Chicken and Capsicum.

We had a sumptuous dinner and our dinner tasted good, with the bonus that all the ingredients and cooking methods are recommended by nutritionists.

Openrice Singapore gave us on a talk on their newly launched apps, OpenSnap. This apps is dedicated to all the food lovers, you can share your food photos on the apps and connect with other foodies across Asia. Apart from just sharing and posting food photos on the apps, it also helps you to find the restaurant locations and useful information about the restaurant behind each posted food photos. Sound interesting? Wait no more, download the app today.

SMIM Fermentation Concentrate is the latest range from The Face Shop. The range consists of Concentrate Total Treatment , Fermentation Concentrate Toner, Fermentation Concentrate Emulsion and 3 types of Fermentation Serums.

There was a product demonstration on The Face Shop’s ambassador, Ms Sheena Phua, and she shared with us her 14 days beauty journey using SMIM Fermentation Concentrate range.

I tried the Pore Finish Essence during the workshop, the texture is pretty light and it absorbs into the skin rapidly. As mentioned at the workshop, the Pore Finish Essence helps to deal with tightening and filling of pores.

This is my favorite Sunscreen from The Face Shop


We took some random selfies towards the end of the event, and thanks so much for having us at the workshop. Lastly we bagged home with a gift pack with some goodies from Openrice, The Face Shop and Oh's Farm.

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