Saturday, June 7, 2014

[Celebration Party] Singapore Entertainment Awards (SEA) 2014

The Singapore Entertainment Awards (SEA) 2014 was held with a Special Celebration Party at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Resort World Sentosa. For the sixth year running, the SEA is organised by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH).

 Thanks to 'Auntie' Terence, I got my VIP pass to the most looked forward to event/party.

Entry passes to the sea celebration party is not for sale. The public needed to download iAPPS mobile applications sParks and ActiveSG to stand a chance to win a pair of invite passes. Alternatively, they can also receive their passes with purchases via and at dENIZEN stores.

 Super Junior and its member, Henry won a total of five awards at The Singapore Entertainment Awards (SEA) 2014. Super Junior won 3 awards while Henry from Super Junior M took home 2 awards at the 6th year of the popular awards ceremony.

Super Junior won the 'Most Popular Korean Singer' and 'Most Popular Magazine Cover' award while Super Iunior M won the 'Most Popular Group' award. Henry won the 'Best New Artist from Asia' award and 'Most Popular K-POP Music Video’ award for his solo album, 'Trap'.

Alien Huang from Taiwan swept and won 3 popularity awards, The Most Popular Male Singer, Most Popular Music Video (Chinese pop) and OMY Hot Star. He is one of the big winners at this year's awards. Jia Jia clinched the ‘Best Female Singer’ award with her first nomination in this category.

I was happy to be part of the Singapore Entertainment Awards Celebration Party as I was glad to see Alien Huang ‘LIVE’ in person, and he sang my favorite song, 千分之一.

I got hooked to this song, mainly because it is my favorite Taiwan drama, 就是要妳愛上我 (Just You) Sub Theme - 黃鴻升 Alien Huang - 千分之一 

If you haven't watched this drama, I strongly recommend this drama as it is really a good production. Have a pleasant view on the below video for the drama trailer with background music, 千分之一.

炎亞綸 + 郭雪芙 - 千分之一 Taiwanese Drama - 就是要妳愛上我

Lastly, I end my post with 2 songs by Jia Jia. I was attracted by her vocals, though she is not eye-candy but her voice casts a very deep impression for me. All I can say, do not judge a book by its cover, as content is more important and it will last.

JiaJia 家家 我沒資格 - Unqualified

JiaJia 家家 為你的寂寞唱歌- Sing For Lonely Souls

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