Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cafe Hopping continues...

RKM's cafe-hopping experience continues as we hopped over to Lynn's Cakes & Coffee which is located at Eng Kong Terrace, This location is rather 'ulu', as it is quite difficult to get there without a car.

The setting was rather simple and the seats are pretty limited as well. Though it was not roomy but it still gave me a warm and welcome feeling upon stepping into the cafe. I like the white and light-colored furniture as it gives a calm and cozy feel for patrons.

Lately, most cafes in Singapore opt for Gryphon Tea Company as their tea serving selection. As we are tea lovers, we are glad that Lynn's Cakes & Coffee offers the finest tea from Gryphon Tea Company.

We ordered a pot of White GingerLily tea, and we enjoyed our drink very much.

We shared Meatballs with Fries, and they tasted pretty decent. I like to share light snacks with my Baby, as it will make the food tastier. 

Baby had Oreo Cheesecake, and I love the chocolate sauce that drenched in the cheesecake, which was also topped with a generous serving of Oreo crumbs.

I picked up the most popular Rainbow Beauty. The cake is moist with rich butter flavor, and the sweetness of the cake is just right for my taste-buds.

The damage was SGD31-ish. It is kinda hefty price to pay for afternoon tea indulgence... Hahaha!! Oh well, everything in Singapore comes with a price tag!

I got my hands on the Eco Hankie which was designed by the spokesperson of Innisfree, Lee Min Ho. Thanks so much for the hankie as it used as a blanket for my lovable Coco, she likes it very much and it becomes her essential item before she sleeps every night.

Welcome to the Hello Kitty Bubbly World! In celebration of Hello Kitty's 40th anniversary, Hello Kitty dressed as her Sanrio friends and appeared shaped like a balloon for the very first time. Hello Kitty fans like me in Singapore are the first in the world to get our hands on the new series of Hello Kitty Bubbly World plush toys...

Here's the full collection!! I like the POMPOMPURIN and TUXEDO SAM the most!

It is time to buy dinner for my Baby as to thank him for showing his support to me in whatever I am doing right now.

We went to Kith Cafe for our meal, and it is located at Park Mall. We ordered the Smoked Bratwurst to go along with our pasta(s).

Baby ordered a Linguine Vongole, and I had Mushroom Aglio Olio Pasta.

The damage was SGD46-ish and we both agreed that it was pretty pricey to pay for 2 pastas and a side (1 single smoked brat).

As an ultimate tea lover, I was glad to receive 4 different variants of English Tea Shop during Audi Fashion Festival Singapore 2014. So far, I only tried 1 variant, Lemongrass, Ginger & Citrus, and I simply love it very much. The tea leaves were fragrant and it gives a hint of refreshing and smoothening feel!

Marina Bay is the most beautiful area in Singapore which bears a stunning skyline of Singapore. Sweetie and I can't help but to pose and take photos against the beautiful scenery of Marina Bay, Singapore.

Recently, I redeemed the starter trial kit try-out from Sulwhasoo, and I can't wait to use them as I heard so many positive reviews on them...

I REALLY enjoy eating the RED VELVET WAFFLE (SGD14.90) at STATELAND, as it tasted good. Do tell me if there are better ones apart from STATELAND by commenting below... Thanks ya! 

I end my post with a photo with Andrew at the photo booth during the Karl Lagerfeld Parfum event at Orchard Paragon. 

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