Sunday, June 22, 2014

Gala Premiere of The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown

I attended the Gala Premiere of ‘The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown’ which was held at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS). It was a big surprise for me to see such movie produced by Jack Neo as it is definitely a breakthrough movie piece from him.

The movie revolves around rival lion dance troupes in Singapore. A liberal-looking traditional troupe, Tiger Crane a.k.a 'Hu He' which was led by Mikey (played by Wang Wei Liang) and new generation lion troupe, 'Storm Riders' which was led by former member of Tiger Crane, Shi Shen (starring Tosh Zhang). 'Storm Riders' infused modern hip hop dance and flashy acrobatics.

'The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown' set up as Shi Shen prepared himself to face off against Mikey in the Lion Dance Competition Finals.

The movie started off with a continuation from the part 1 where Mikey has conquered his fear of heights and put up an impressive performance in the creative Lion Dance Competition trials which caused his senior, Shi Shen to become wary and eventually jealous of him after discovering Mikey's feeling for his girlfriend, Xiao Yu (played by Eva Cheng).


The scenes of the rest of the supporting cast such as Maxi Lim and Noah Yap have been significantly reduced. Apart from the lion dance competition, the movie also involved a ‘Love Triangle’ by the 3 main leads.
I love Master He (starring Chen Tian Wen) as his way of speaking Chinese-Dialect is very amusing and his funny gestures to sends his messages to the audience too, though he was given slightly less to do in the second sequel due to him being on a wheelchair.

Although I didn’t watch the first sequel but I found myself enjoying the second sequel as it is a pretty entertaining movie and I love the CGI very much. Lion dance is a traditional art, and the young actors have a hard time mastering the base techniques, so do show support them by supporting The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown. 

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