Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summertime Cookout with Somersby at Crab in da Bag

I attended the Summertime Cookout with Somersby which was held at Crab in da Bag, which is located at the Big Splash, East Coast Park (ECP).

 With this cookout event, we discovered that by adding the Somersby Cider in the seafood dishes, it can help to enhance the flavor.

The Pear Cider was recently launched in Singapore, and it tastes light, crisp, refreshing with a touch of sweetness.

Prior to the cooking session, the ingredients were well prepared for us by Crab in da Bag, and we were about to cook our Salted Egg Yolk Prawns.

Before I dished out the dish from the frying pan, we dashed in a few tablespoons of Somersby Cider to the Salted Egg Yolk Prawns before serving on a plate or in a plastic bag. 

I was glad that my Salted Egg York Prawns turned out very tasty and I was happy that it was great successful cookout for me!

This was my first time visiting Crab in da Bag, and I was told that no cutlery was provided to us. All the food will be served on the butcher paper that was placed on the table and the diner is then couraged to indulge in his/her food straight from the table by using only hands! Thus, the restaurant opts to create more bonding time during meals, as they feel that technology has made most people concentrate more on their hand-phones or smart devices, leaving little to no interaction at all. At Crab in da Bag, they want to create more conversation and interaction during the meal times with one another.

For the last segment of the Summertime Cookout event, we were treated to taste and experience the Carboodle Boil, the Southern Louisiana Seafood Boil which consists of Mini Lobsters, Boston Lobster, Sri Lanka Crabs, Prawns, Clams, Chicken Bratwurst, Corn on the Cob, potatoes and Onions boiled in a blend of herbs and local spices.  

The pot of Caboodle Boil (SGD299) which is drained from the boil bucket and served directly on the table by emptying out directly in true Louisiana style. (See below short clip for their unique way of serving)

Just pick what you like from the table and indulge in them one's hands, and having the fresh seafood with Somersby Cider (What a nice pairing!) This massive dish is complement with some home-made dips and it is best enjoyed between parties of 4-6.

We rounded our food tasting with a retro-looking fruit boat which was a sliced of honey dew filled with jelly and lychee, and it was very refreshing!

We took some photos against the photo-wall before the event ended. Thanks Somersby for the invite and a big thank you to Crab in da Bag for the kind hospitality.

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