Monday, June 16, 2014

[Birthday Celebration] MAGNUM - 25th years of pleasure

MAGNUM threw the most lavish party to celebrate its 25th years of pleasure a couple of weeks ago at Avalon Marina Bay Sands.

With the grand entrance, free flow of MAGNUM ice cream, canapés and wines, I felt like a star for a night!

Over 260kg of MAGNUM chocolate was used at the chocolate themed party, and it broke the record for Singapore's largest chocolate fountain with a 1-metre tall, weighing over 100kg flow of chocolate from the fountain to provide guests with decadent experience of creating their own magnum ice cream.

I enjoyed the DIY at the gigantic chocolate fondue...

CK and I used a few toppings to decorate my personalised MAGNUM ice cream

The gigantic MAGNUM ice cream on the stage was made of REAL chocolate 'UBER POWERFUL!'

MAGNUM collaborated with 2AM: DESSERT BAR Chef/Owner, Janice Wong and Local Designer, Pauline Lim of PAULINE.NING for an exclusive MAGNUM chocolate jewellery and PAULINE.NING's Spring/Summer Collection.

Pauline presented her design MAGNUM dress to celebrate indulgence in fashion and luxury, 'Decadence Cracked'. It was inspired by the rich crackling chocolate crust of MAGNUM.

To top off the birthday celebration MAGNUM launched its Limited Edition with Marc de Champagne. It is encased in a celebratory silver finish of MAGNUM cracking chocolate. A premium and sophisticated silver holographic pack featuring the iconic MAGNUM M stamp.

Thanks Yingzi for extending her invite to me!

Thanks MAGNUM for the complimentary 'DESIGN YOUR MAGNUM' voucher that can be redeemed at MAGNUM Singapore Pleasure Store at Custom House Terrace.

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