Monday, June 23, 2014

[To-gather Café] Happy Birthday, Yingzi

Thanks for the invite! Yingzi set her 21st birthday celebration at To-gather Café which is located in the eastern side of Singapore, Bedok North neighbourhood.
Our birthday girl catered buffet spread for all her invitees to enjoy food as well as for gossiping away lol…

Hello to Joey, Mint Leong, Colin and 'long time to see', Yongwei
Among the food spread served, I love the Fish & Chips very much as the portion is huge and crispy.

It was a pretty small cafe with a decent food menu, and what makes the café special is their ‘prices’ as they serve food and drinks at a lower price (without GST) than other cafes I visited.

The ambience is pretty cozy and I love the name of the café, 'To-Gather', as it is a play on words for friends, family or even loved ones to get together and spend quality time with one another.

I love her birthday cake as it bore a shape of a book/diary. It looked so pretty that the birthday girl, Yingzi did not bear to cut it at all.

It is a mandatory thing to do when celebrating his/her birthday is to make a wish before blowing the candles off…

Happy 21st Birthday to you, Yingzi! May all your wishes come true and many happy returns.

I end my post with a photo of a fruit cake, and this cake is specially ordered for our pretty birthday girl, Yingzi when we were having dinner together at Tampopo, Takashimaya. Terence and sweetie were there too for the dinner.  

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