Tuesday, June 3, 2014

[opening party] RoseBullet Edit Tokyo at Orchard Gateway

I was very happy to attend the opening of RoseBullet Edit Tokyo at Orchard Gateway. I like everything about Nihon, be it their fashion, beauty products, food or even snacks/tidbits.

  Linda and I made our way to the event and we took some photos against the photo-wall.

 RoseBullet is from Japan which carries a handful of brands like RoseBullet, Love Boat, LDS, Dip Drops and Smork. Among the 5 brands, I like Dip Drops and LDS the most.

Upon entering RoseBullet, I feel that I have stepped into a miniature Shibuya/Harajuku. Every fashion piece that is displayed in the shop looks kawaii. After returning from my trip to Japan, I discovered that Japanese fashion keeps to a motto, and that is less is more ; and simple design can still bring out a class of a person.

RoseBullet Edit Tokyo brings in many accessories for us to match our outfits.  

We took many photos in the shop too, as it seemed that I was in Tokyo having a holiday trip with Linda... LOL.

There is a small section in the shop that displayed Japanese beauty products too. Do pop by and discover them yourself at RoseBullet Edit Tokyo 


I am a shoes lover, and I love buying shoes, be it heels, pumps/flats, boots, flip flops or even sneakers. I simply love them all.  

At this retail shop, they also brought in a Lingerie Brand, SOEUR DE AIMERFEEL, which look super kawaii and sexy at the same time.

Miyo joined us later at the event too and we were happy to have her around with us as she is a jovial person and we love her company.

  Thanks for the lovely pocket-sized printed-photos and the goodies bag from RoseBullet.

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