Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jess Baby loves cafe-hopping

Both Baby and I are food lovers and we occasionally scoot to any locations to find good/interesting food. Since now cafe-hopping is the trendy thing to do, I suppose I shall have to jump on the bandwagon! LOL...

Recently, we visited Butter Studio at Jalan Besar area, and althought it is located along the row of old shop-houses, Butter Studio stands out clearly due to its striking bright colored yellow exterior.

The interior is pretty simple but there are quite a number of random nostalgic ornaments displayed in the shop. 

We ordered a pot of organic hot tea and a shared a slice of Yuzu Cheesecake. I love the fragrance of the tea leaves very much, but the cake tasted pretty normal.  

The damage was SGD13-ish, and the price we paid is pretty standard for every cafe we visit lately. 

The GSS is on now, and lately I bought quite a number of stuffs! I got 3 dresses from Lowry's Farm as they are having up to 70% reduction in store!

Apart from the butterfly choker, I also picked up 2 items from Lovisa, and these 2 items only cost me SGD13. In case, you guys want to know the break-down: The choker was SGD26, and now it is selling at SGD9, as for the ring, it was SGD13, now the price marked down to SGD4.

My random Saturday dinner with my Baby was at Tambuah Mas, an Indonesia restaurant which is located at Orchard Paragon, basement.

They serve authentic Indonesia fare and it tasted delicious! Our favorite food entree is none other than Tahu Lelor, but I found my new favorite item which is the Ayam Lotong! The damage was SGD41-ish for 2 mains, 1 soup and 1 side.

On another random weekend dinner, we settled at Old Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant which is located at Rangoon Road, and this eatery place serves local cze char fare and seafood specialties.

We ordered some local cze char dishes like Beancurd with Crab meat, Sambal Potato Leaves, Prawn Paste Fried Chicken and 2 plates of white rice to go along the dishes.

Although the chicken looked normal in the photo, but the taste was superb! We had a delightful and filling dinner and the damage was SGD30+.

  I end my post with some delicious sand mouth-watering sweet dessert at the opening event of Embrace Jewellery which is located at Orchard Gateway. I attended with Andrew from Luxe Society. Thanks so much for asking me along!

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