Saturday, August 9, 2014

Batam Day Trip + Alice Nine Tour 2014 (Supernova Symphonia)

A couple of months ago, Claressa asked me to join her to Batam for a day trip as she wanted to stock up on her beauty products. She is currently using some skincare products which is only available in Indonesia, and she tells me that she will travel to Batam every half a year to stock up on her daily skincare regime products which are mainly cleansing and refreshing toners.

Baby and I joined her, as this was our very first trip to Batam, we purchased our tickets from Batam Fast which is located at Harbourfront and the tickets cost us SGD48 round trip per person. Upon clearing the custom at Batam, we headed straight to the Mega Mall Batam Centre for our lunch

Claressa ordered the Mie Ayam and I had Mie Ayam Pedas

Baby's lunch (meatball soup with white rice)

Our shopping time started after we finished our meal, and Baby is the only guy so he had to do his shopping at the Men's section alone, and he got a cap and a pair of a bermudas.

Both Clarissa and I picked up some tops and dresses at the mega mall, and we did some silly and nostalgic things together just like yester-years when I was still a student / teenager, which is to share the same fitting room! In Batam, they allow 2 people of the same sex, obviously, to go in a fitting room at the same time and the bonus is that there is no strict policy on how many pieces of garments you bring in to try out.
I love this feeling very much and I enjoyed Claressa’s company loads!
  Lastly, before we headed back to Singapore, we purchased our beauty loots!! Here are my hauls from Batam which cost me only SGD25.

On the way back to Singapore, we saw the National Day Rehearsal from a distance while on the ferry. There were some helicopters flying in the sky as part of the rehearsal, and I managed to capture them.

Here is the short video of what I have captured!

  We departed once we reached Singapore, Claressa had a date with her friends, Baby went for his gym session and for me, I took the Sentosa Express to RWS to meet up Terence for Alice Nine Tour 2014 (Supernova Symphonia), as they performed ‘LIVE’ at the Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel.

Top visual-kei Japanese band, Alice Nine celebrated their 10th year anniversary, and they stopped in Singapore for ONE SHOW only with their latest concert, Supernova Symphonia as part of their first-ever tour outside Japan.  

Thanks Terence for the VIP tickets to Alice Nine concert!

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