Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Garfield Run 2014

I am lucky to have fun running kakis around me who will keep me posted on interesting runs, such as The Garfield Run which was held at The Promontory @ Marina Bay. The registrations for the inaugural Garfield Run were fully sold out pretty fast, and I am glad that we managed to secure our slots.

Upon receiving a SMS message and an email from the organization, I made my way to Orchard Central to pick up my race pack. The collection of the race pack was pretty smooth and there were many parents signing up together with their kids, as this is a good start to relay messages to kids on the importance of regular exercising and staying healthy.

We decided to sign up for the 3KM Fun Run, as we love the design of the medal and the cute running tee. All runners were given a Garfield plush toy after the race/run. I know I sound like a little girl. Oh well, there is always the kid in me.  Apart from the runners’ entitlement, this event also offered bonding and quality time spent together.

The race bibs for all run categories which catered to children (2.2KM & 1.5KM), 5KM couple run and 3KM Fun Run for individuals.

~ The race route for all run categories ~

Baby sent me to the running event venue and stay on to share my joy when I completed my run.

I met up my running mate at the start point, and we were both excited on our 3KM Fun Run. The race started at 6.30pm, and it set-off in waves of people! We were near the front as we crossed the start line in the second wave which was about 6.35-6.40pm. The venue was pretty near to the National Day Rehearsals where we saw helicopters and jet planes flying in the sky that brought the National Day moods to us. *Happy 49th Birthday, Singapore!*

It was pretty crowded even after we crossed the start line, and we had to walk/slow jog for the first hundred meters before we got some room space to start our run.

We came back within 30-min times and we were given our medal upon reaching the finish line.

YAY! I am so happy to receive my second running medal, and my next race is the Great Eastern Women's Run (GEWR) which will take place on the 09 November 2014.

Due to the delay of the plush toy, the organization threw in the exclusive Garfield Run notebook for us!!

I love hugging my plushie!!

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