Sunday, August 3, 2014

[Product Review] Rosemary Mint Shampoo & Conditioner from Bodhi Herbal Spa Cosmetics

I change my shampoo and conditioner frequently as I am still finding the right type of hair products for my hair type. I have a dry scalp that causes dandruff and my scalp is sensitive and irritation will occur if the products that I’m using is not suitable for my hair.

I will apply hair serum after shampoo-ing, and I do not use hair spray or wax to burden my hair. At times, when I need to use styling tools, I will ensure that I apply the pre-heat lotion /serum on my hair before interacting with the high heat tools.

Recently, I was introduced to a few products from Bodhi Herbal Spa Cosmetics, and the products are Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner and Green Tea Shower gel and Body Lotion. The packaging looks great with a SPA feeling.

In this post, I am only sharing my thoughts on hair products from the Rosemary Mint range. The products contain no harsh chemicals, is free from paraben and SLS. It is also certified with no animals testing, which In short, makes these organic products.

It is pretty mild in texture and lightweight, but it works well into a good lather on my hair, and I like the refreshing scent too. The circle on the image shows a hopping bunny logo, and this signifies that there is 100% no chance of animal testing being done! I love the product even more as I prefer products that are against cruelty to animals and abolish animal testing in all forms.

They are good to use daily, and they work fine on me as my hair looked more manageable and soft, but most importantly, my scalp feels fresh and minty after wash. I will re-purchase them as they give good results and they suit my hair type. The main reason why I love the products the most is that they do not strip off the natural oil from my hair and yet keep my tresses in good shape.

The shampoo has a rich and invigorating aroma and is enriched with rosemary and peppermint oil for cleansing deeply as well as to nourish the hair and leaving it shiny and tame. After using for 3 weeks, I can really see some satisfying results, so be patient as it takes time to show the results...
Stay tuned for my thoughts on the Green Tea Shower Gel and Body Lotion...

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